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    Game Thread: (21/21) Lady Vols at (22/23) Georgia

    We stink! If we are favored to win an NCAA tournament game, we will lose. Bad coaching, horrible recruiting, too much talent to play this bad. At least Holly could recruit.
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    Seniors 2020-2021

    Davis, stay for what? So she can show lack luster use of her talent more often...go!
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    Coach KJH

    She needs to clean house of staff, soon! Mid level recruiting, and mid level coaching, SEC requires talent, not learn on the job possibilities
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    Coach KJH

    Because Lawson team isn't even playing this season Lol? Or because she has zero college coaching expeeience at any level. Yeah, she offers scholarships to Duke. What parent wouldn't tell their kid, " a Duke degree is garanteed 6 figures for life" mostly likely starting more than a pro career if...
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    Coach KJH

    Holly, arguably was a top 5 recruiter yr in yr out. 1 bad year, but a 1 player, 2 #2 players. In fact when fired we had 2 #2 recruits, collins was top 10, massengale, Davis teens to mid 20s, kasi was high, Rae was a Steal, Green was top 10, Key top 10, another 6ft5 project, Green solid transfer...
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    One recruiting class of lack luster, half butt talent and effort, and driven off 3 or 4 star potential players, whom she hasn't come close to anyone with their talent, nor have any really seriously considered coming here ( Massengale, Green, Mimi, and even the non savable Huskie Starting...
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    I think it was a good lose if used to embarrass the heck out of these lazy " girls" not women, not Ladies...immature girlsi. Not sure Kellie's motives, but here is what big things from which to be learned. Kasi, catch ball while throwing your rump back, and go up-period! No dribble! You use your...
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    Schedule update: LVs v WVA, Dec 6, 2:00PM on ESPN+

    If you refuse to pay, you can watch game later. They show up where( ESPN regular) the reply games are around 1 to 2 hrs later. I watch last game around 1am next morning, couldn't sleep. Counting Kellie's subbing pattern, is better than sheep.
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    2022 Recruits

    t No, in fact, Ivy league doesn't offer academic scholarships. However, Harvard has more than enough to cover ever student's, they want, tuition.If they want you. Would your tell your daughter to say no? In fact, coaches in Ivy League do not contact player, other then enough to cover every...
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    Access to SECN+

    Verison offers hulu, disney espn+ for 6 bucks. Price of hulu alone, also offers Apple music for free. Att has offers too. Check with cell service you might find you get deals. I recently switched to google fi from verison, and only miss the apple music, certainly not the mighty price tag. Maybe...
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    2022 Recruits

    Duke education, sells itself. Anyone could sign top talent there, just look at history, same for NC. It surprises me Vandy ( not on same level as Duke) hasn't done better in recruiting. A Duke, and Vandy degree leads to a heck of a lot more money than professional basketball for women.
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    2022 top-50 6-2 W Justine Pissott commits!

    Kellie went after same type of players Pat taught her to go after. She didn't get results, but same type Pat wanted to coach.
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    8 lady vols players on Academic Honors

    Way to go Ladies!
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    8 lady vols players on Academic Honors

    Green isn't past experience you should forget so soon, happened under Kellie's watch, year 1. Stop pretending things are past. 1 year, 1 arrested, 1 starter transferred, 2 starters from this year's team- gone to play for teams that beat us. New coach, ok on Messengale, but Green is a problem new...
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    Lady vol workout

    Nice to see made layups!
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    Kara Lawson emerges as a leading candidate for Duke job

    Certainly not to bash Kara, and not to judge her NOW on her past ( as others are blindly doing) but, sadly, Kara wasn't ( other than a last second freshman(?) shot at UCONN) she really wasn't a step up in big game, you want the ball in her hands type player. Sadly she boarder on a bit of a...
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    2022 Recruits

    Kellie Jolly was on that team too, and Abby Cauklin was a highly recruited player. It wasn't the most stacked team, but arguably had 3 of best big game players in UT history, and any of the schools in that years tournament would have gladly taken.
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    Kara Lawson emerges as a leading candidate for Duke job

    Lot of posters giving her some dubious coaching skills, including one giving her a higher basketball IQ than Pat! She isn't a 3 time NCAA champion, she has never coach a signal season, recruited, been on the recruitment trail, put a staff together, let alone developed a single player, yet this...
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    Kara Lawson emerges as a leading candidate for Duke job

    And you know her personally right?
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    Should fans be communicating with recruits?

    Depends. I ran into Ms Key several times just walking around area at halfs, bad back here, but she seemed to be just strolling and taking in everything alone. We smiles as nearing each other and I politely ask if she was indeed herself. She smile said yes, I said well I hope you enjoy second...

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