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  1. TNinSC

    Florida's Secondary

    Thank you! Finally someone gets it! It hasn't been our coaches nor our players faults in any of these losses. It's just weird and abnormal circumstances. 15 years of them...
  2. TNinSC

    Is our defense close to Alabama’s?

    it's about 5 hours and 314 miles away from bama's defense
  3. TNinSC

    Our constant crying is stroking Florida’s ego.

    Vol In Tears was pretty clever though lol
  4. TNinSC

    Tennessee's Grades vs TN Tech(Per PFF)

    been this way forever. i dont get it.
  5. TNinSC

    Reality is we have beaten UF 4 times in the last 8 years.

    This is the worst one yet.
  6. TNinSC

    Don’t fall for the Gator hype yet..

    i dont think we win in the swamp this season. i do like the direction in which the team looks like it's heading though.
  7. TNinSC

    Alex Golesh UT OC - What were you thinking?????

    i'm reserving my judgment for later. i need to see more than two games under a brand new head coaching staff before i start my ranting.
  8. TNinSC

    Heupel’s press conference

    Saw a lot of good. Saw a lot of bad. I think we have a new qb going forward. Tiyon Evans finally getting on the field will be huge for the rest of the season. My biggest complaints are the wide open middle of the field on defense and the penalties. Overall, the offense was fun to watch today.
  9. TNinSC

    Tyler Bray on taking money and fighting with Dooley

    We should've. That UNC game still makes me furious.
  10. TNinSC

    Velus "Krystal" Jones

    You are not lying there. Those sliders slide right through you
  11. TNinSC

    For those who are watching the game at home

    i'm just chilling. maybe get some little caesars
  12. TNinSC

    BGSU Player Takes

    i'm already making my negavol notes ahead of time about the 4-2-5 defense
  13. TNinSC

    What Michigan Fans Think About Joe Milton Starting at UT

    Example: Every qb that transferred from Tennessee :(
  14. TNinSC

    Depth Chart released

    I know a lot of yall dont care about stars and recruiting ratings and rankings, but i do. here's the breakdown of the star count from 247 LT-Darnell Wright ***** C-Cooper Mays **** LG- Jerome Carvin **** RG-Javontez Spraggins *** RG-Cade Mays ***** TE- Princeton Fant *** WR- Velus Jones ***...
  15. TNinSC

    What if we lose Thursday?

    I'd trade a loss to bgsu for a win against the gators
  16. TNinSC

    Gerald Riggs Jr or John Kelly

    bro, i know. i saw him hit one live to get in the end zone again va tech in the peach bowl and lost my s**t
  17. TNinSC

    Gerald Riggs Jr or John Kelly

    The answer is Montario Hardesty
  18. TNinSC

    2021 Season Predictions

    Bowling Green - W Pittsburgh - L TN Tech - W @ Florida - L @ Mizzou - L South Carolina - W Ole Miss - L @ Alabama - L @ Kentucky - L Georgia - L South Alabama - W Vanderbilt - W 5-7 (SEC: 2-6)
  19. TNinSC

    Alvin Kamara Has His Own Cereal

    breakfast of champions.

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