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  1. RTVFL89

    Heupel’s offense is not innovative

    Never did I think I would live to see the day where people are bitching about a 56-0 win. Now I remember why I quit spending so much time on this site.
  2. RTVFL89

    This would really help Tennessee Vols Football

    Not really. Bama would just back the Brinks truck up to Dabo and never miss a beat.
  3. RTVFL89

    Music City Bowl wants Vols (merged)

    I just don't know about it. They really really pissed me off in 2016 by not even acknowledging Barnett breaking Reggie Whites record.
  4. RTVFL89

    Music City Bowl wants Vols (merged)

    A lot of yall are butthurt just because its Nashville. After how we started, If it was called the Smokey Mountain Bowl and played in Pigeon Forge yall would be shanking people for tickets.
  5. RTVFL89

    Booger Mcfarland

    He's just a crewman on the sinking ship that is ESPN. They are so incredibly, obviously biased, it's hard for me to take them seriously.
  6. RTVFL89

    Neyland Stadium Renovation Update (Fulmer Updates Seating Capacity)

    Some people will complain about anything lol. It will certainly help a blind bat like me see better.
  7. RTVFL89

    Neyland Stadium Renovation Update (Fulmer Updates Seating Capacity)

    I'm really diggin the big screen and hangout area.
  8. RTVFL89

    Mcshay and Mcgrath Smoking Celebration Cigars on Bama sideline??

    Were you listening to the announcers? The main one was clearly pulling for Alabama.
  9. RTVFL89

    Does DT get in trouble with the law, too?

    You should never drink the bong water.
  10. RTVFL89

    Did he change the play?

    People like you are why people are such pussies nowadays. Let's bring mommy and daddy into it because they're son got his ass chewed out by a coach. I pray people like you stay away from football because you're ruining it.
  11. RTVFL89

    J . G . needs to finish his VOLS career !

    He will be wasting alot of people's time if he enters the draft.
  12. RTVFL89

    National media weighs in [face mask gate]

    Where I'm from that's called coaching. Wtf is the problem?
  13. RTVFL89

    Fewest points Bama scored all season

    Yessir. This is getting exciting because Coach Pruitt is finally getting his guys out there, and they are playing some damn ball.
  14. RTVFL89

    Pack out Neyland.

    Im ready. Let's go. This team has come together. They're playing like brothers now. (Minus JG)
  15. RTVFL89

    Jennings TD Run/ D Taylor Flag

    This x1000
  16. RTVFL89

    Did he change the play?

    [Blue font] JG threw that game on purpose for Butch.
  17. RTVFL89

    Worst announced/produced game I’ve ever seen

    MSESPN at it again. Now you cant yell at your worthless, quitter of a quarterback.
  18. RTVFL89

    Steve Levy sucks

    They got their little feelings hurt. They are why people are such soft and whiney pussies these days. Let's cottle the **** up.
  19. RTVFL89

    The Official Tennessee @ #1 Alabama Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Lmao at the wusses on ESPN. JP is just old school. That's how you have to talk to players that dont care. What about when Saban bitch slapped his QBs ass out of anger?

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