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  1. VFL-82-JP

    Our constant crying is stroking Florida’s ego.

    This thread is like a microcosm of VolNation these days. Why do you think so many gator fans (and even more gator fans trying to pass themselves off as weak Vols fans) are on the board? It's not just this week. They feast on our angst all year long. Because so many of us feed it to them with...
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    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Pittsburgh

    Thanks once again, OMG. You're a gift. My dad may have met Reb Edwards, having been the instructor pilot of the test aircraft of the UT Space Institute (one of them a de Havilland Twin Otter, the other I don't recall but some kind of twin engine Piper, maybe a Comanche or similar) for many...
  3. VFL-82-JP

    To put today's game into perspective...

    ...this being the 11th of September, watch these two videos, or just listen to them. There are much bigger things in the world than what we all fretted about today. I'm proud of our lads in orange, and continue to have their back. That includes the coaches. They're building our program...
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    Breaks out the Capn' Crunch decoder chart...hmm, didn't work. The Cracker Jacks decoder ring....nope. The Ovaltine secret message translator...nunh uh. The CIA Fact Book, reading the third word on every fifth insights. Dammit, man, I can't understand you! What do you mean?
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    Our hearts are with you and your family, David. Prayers, too.
  6. VFL-82-JP

    Best Entrance in College Football

    FSU's doesn't count for this competition, because the horse and rider aren't part of the team's entry onto the field. IIRC, Osceola comes out after the players are already on the sideline. This competition is about team entrances. *thumbsup* If we made a separate list of cool things teams do...
  7. VFL-82-JP

    Smokers Cough

    My wife and I have lived all over the US. I don't have allergies, but she definitely does. Worst places for her? California, and North Carolina. She said the pines in North Carolina coat everything with that yellow pollen (it's true, I've seen that stuff pour off the trees in sheets on windy...
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    4 things, a pretty good, concise, article regarding the Vols.

    Having made the mistake, several times, of reading this forum's "game thread" in near real-time, I've come to the conclusion that it's even worse than you say. Perhaps as bad as ten times worse. Remember that saying that goes, "it takes 10 attaboys to offset one aww shoot"? That seems to be...
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    Best Entrance in College Football

    According to FSU itself (link below), horse riding and the use of spears, as well as the garb the rider wears, are all authentic. Here's an excerpt: It was interesting to read. I'd always assumed, like you, they got that wrong because who rides horses in swampland? But I guess it's not quite...
  10. VFL-82-JP

    To all the Milton haters or even those concerned

    It's okay, brother. You gotta go with what you feel. I don't have any magical prescription for keeping the faith even after getting kicked in the teeth time and time again. I get the frustration. We have lived through exactly the same football seasons over the past 13 years, and felt the same...
  11. VFL-82-JP

    To all the Milton haters or even those concerned

    I did have the same feelings about all our previous coaches. Occupational hazard, I guess. :)
  12. VFL-82-JP

    Can we get a hat that says “Throw the..

    Let's just take a moment and try to count up all the things our coaches--and many of our better players--know that we don't. Boil it right down to a single play. Just one play. What do they know, what advantages do they have over us? (a) They know the capabilities of our QB. Far, far...
  13. VFL-82-JP

    Can we get a hat that says “Throw the..

    I'd buy a hat that says, "You know your job better than I know your job, coach, so DO WHATEVER YOU THINK GETS US THE "W", DAMMIT!" They sell those? p.s. If we'd thrown the ball a lot into double coverage last Thursday, we might've had a few interceptions and the game might've been a helluva...
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    To all the Milton haters or even those concerned

    Brother, I'm not so much sold on any single player or coach as I am sold on our team. If Joe is our starting QB, I'm sold on him. If HB is, I'm sold on him. Same for Hendon. Whoever starts, I'm behind them 100%. Same for our coaches: as long as they're wearing orange and white and doing...
  15. VFL-82-JP

    What Pitt Panther fans are saying about our Vols

    No apology needed, brother. We are all less than perfect communicators. If you didn't fully understand my argument at the outset, then I probably should've done a better job explaining it.
  16. VFL-82-JP

    What Pitt Panther fans are saying about our Vols

    I appreciate you acknowledging the point I made. Now, I'll argue against your assertion that I committed a logical fallacy. First: an appeal to authority is not always a fallacy. Authority figures are what they are because they tend to be subject matter experts. And so recognizing their...
  17. VFL-82-JP

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Pittsburgh

    Tennessee 38 Opponent 34 Tiebreaker 225
  18. VFL-82-JP

    What Pitt Panther fans are saying about our Vols

    You're missing the point. The point is, who are we to know whether or not they're getting it right, one game into a rebuild? First game of the first season of a new coaching staff and largely new roster, and we're suddenly omniscient, and Josh Heupel is a dummy? All those on this board who...

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