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  1. TennesseeFan07

    What’s the likelihood that we see civil unrest soon?

    This is what I am hoping for, also.
  2. TennesseeFan07

    Newsom Likely To Face Recall

  3. TennesseeFan07

    Florida State loses to Jacksonville State

    I came here to post this exact tweet.
  4. TennesseeFan07

    So. Miss coach after 31-7 loss

    At least he is accountable.
  5. TennesseeFan07

    Brutal fan fight at Memphis football game.

    Dude got knocked out and then had two people knocked onto him. Tough luck.
  6. TennesseeFan07

    Lee Corso

    We all grew up with him, regardless of whether we like him or not.
  7. TennesseeFan07

    Week 1 Games

    I'm getting excited for some football.
  8. TennesseeFan07

    Rapinoe's bully pulpit approach is destroying the USWNT

    This calls for an immediate ban.
  9. TennesseeFan07

    Taliban Taking Over Afghanistan - Does anyone care?

    He sent mean tweets, though.
  10. TennesseeFan07

    The earliest members of VolNation who are still active

    Does anyone remember the girl that held basically every record in the arcade? Had zero posts, but was top of the charts in everything. Someone called her out in a thread and then she posted. I can't remember her handle.
  11. TennesseeFan07

    JG Merchandise

  12. TennesseeFan07

    Premiere League & World Soccer Thread

    Look - I do not know a thing about soccer. That said, I started gambling on Brazil series A and B games, whatever those are, and have made a grand this week. Is there anyway to purchase some kind of package for just those games? I am so incompetent at soccer that I don't even know what the...
  13. TennesseeFan07

    NIL has already begun to get out of hand

    I haven't read up on this thread yet, but any hot female athletes selling themselves yet?
  14. TennesseeFan07

    LaDarrell McNeil?

    Way too young.
  15. TennesseeFan07

    Transfer Portal Thread

    Exactly. I think he would be better suited for a slower tempo offense.
  16. TennesseeFan07

    Transfer Portal Thread

    I just don't see the appeal for Cockburn to play for Kentucky. He doesn't fit the scheme.
  17. TennesseeFan07

    The Official NASCAR Talk Thread

    Atlanta will be getting a dreaded repave for next season.

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