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    TN vs Bowling Green

    I have a pair in Y8, row 47, seats 7 and 8. In the dry with a clear view of the jumbotron. If someone wants a single, I'll sell one and use the other one. Face value; $45/ticket. staninrome
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    Regional tickets

    All have been sold
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    Regional tickets

    Friday tix are sold
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    Regional tickets

    I have a single for Friday and Saturday, and a pair for Sunday. Section E, row 15, seat 13 (or 14); I'll use the other one. $40 for Friday (must buy both sessions) $40 for Saturday (must buy both sessions; $20/session) $80 for Sunday. Will need to meet you at the gate for Friday and Saturday (my...
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    Coming after Vitello

    Anyone hear Bill King this morning. Buddy said he caught the end of his comments about someone coming after CTV. Just wondered who it might be. I'm guessing we will need to add money and the promise of a new, or improved stadium. Thanks for any info.
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    Baseball Tickets

    are they still available?
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    4 for A&M for sale

    Section CC, row 16, seats 1-4. On 35-40 yard line. Go up about 4 rows when you enter the stadium. $360 (face value).
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    1, or 2, for Alabama for sale

    I have a pair in CC, row 16, seats 1 and 2. Willing to sell a single and use the other one, or will sell the pair. Asking $180 (face).
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    ISO 2 for Bama

    I have a pair in CC, row 16, seats 1 and 2. $180 for the pair (face value). I live in Lebanon, TN
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    Single for sale for KY

    Section CC, row 16. Live in Lebanon. $90 (face value)
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    Starter jackets

    What size are you looking for. I have one that I haven't worn in a long time. Never did wear it much, so it should be in good shape.
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    3 GA ST Tickets

    I have 2 pair in y8 four rows apart. Would gladly sell you 3 and I would use 1. Row 47 and row 51.
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    Looking for 2 tickets for GA St in or around Z11

    If you don't find anything closer, I have a pair in Y8.
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    I have 2 pair in Y8.
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    2 BYU for pretty much anywhere

    I have a pair in y8, row 47. In the dry, but you can still see the Jumbotron. May have an extra pair on row 51. Asking face value, but I do not know what that is as we do not yet have the tix in hand.
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    Overhang row?

    Depends on which section you are in. I am in Y8, row 47 and can see the jumbotron. My brother is on row 51 and cannot see it.
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    ISO 1 for MSU

    If anyone has a single LL, let me know what you have and what you wan. Thanks
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    FL for sale

    Y8, row 47, seats 7 and 8 - $300
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    Looking for 2 UTEP Tickets

    Ok. Thanks for letting me know.

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