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    ‘22 CA C Yohan Traore

    Other teams in the SEC better hope we don’t land this guy. This is the kind of guy that can make the Barnes offense look great.
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    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    Certainly not out of it. But we are gonna have to fight tooth and nail for this one.
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    ‘22 CA C Yohan Traore

    A lot of momentum? I’d love to land this kid. Would be a huge deal.
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    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    My UK buddy that follows their recruiting pretty hard says UK won’t offer Wallace.
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    2022 Target List

    Says he talks to us a good bit. As well as Virginia Tech, UF, South Carolina and Indiana. Wants to take an unofficial visit here.
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    '22 SC SF Julian Phillips

    Don’t think it’s related to Mitchell or anybody else on our board. Think the coaches just saw Phillips play and liked his game, so they offered. I personally don’t think we get Mitchell (FSU) but I do think we will get Wallace.
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    Percent of VN football fans who went to UT?

    Started at Maryville College playing basketball. Graduated from UTK.
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    Vescovi in Olympic qualifier

    Can’t find any stats on the game. Anybody know how Vescovi played overall? This level of competition should be good for him, I assume Turkey has a solid team.
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    The Ballinteers tip off against Purdue's Men of Mackey July 23rd, on ESPN

    That’s Alnwick, Tennessee. Not Maryville. Us Govs are not from Maryville.
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    Vols to play in Jimmy V Classic at MSG

    Loving how we’re finally getting the big time schedule we deserve.
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    Vols in NBA Draft

    Hoping to see Keon, Springer and Pons get drafted
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    Keon video on ESPN right now

    Jordan like? Yeah, I don’t see it.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    They also got Pinson as well. I didn’t say top of the league. I said in the top of the league. They finished 3rd last season and played for the SECT championship. I’d expect them to be around top 4 again. Also, he’s a transfer from Illinois and a very solid player.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    Adam Miller, 2020 Shooting guard - LSU lands Adam Miller. LSU should be in the top of the league once again. I hate Will Wade
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    We could take both Tamba and Onu
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    This is kind of what I’m referring to. When they hired Smart everybody labeled him as “The guy” at the time. I do believe Beard is a better fit than Smart though.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    I’ve heard this many times in my life.
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    Tennessee lands Justin Powell

    We have arguably the best PG in HS basketball coming in. A back up would be nice though.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    I believe they want another experienced big that can provide some nice depth and give us solid minutes when needed.

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