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  1. Tumbleweedvol

    Congrats VOLS on SMACKING the Gators!!!

    The sign of a championship team is they neve quit and find a way to win! GBO!
  2. Tumbleweedvol

    Fandom Points

    I forgot the Dallas Mavericks and Josh Richardson and the Boston Celtics and Grant Williams.
  3. Tumbleweedvol

    Fandom Points

    Vols Football Vols Basketball ETSU Basketball LV Basketball LV Softball Atlanta Braves Baseball all summer long! Tennessee Titans Football Tiger Woods winning one more tournament! Serena Williams winning one more Major!
  4. Tumbleweedvol

    Poll: What’s everyone’s take on the hire. Are you

    My take, he was a Quarterback at a power 5 school; Oklahoma and one a natty as the quarterback for them. It's a matter whether he can recruit and coach at the power 5 level. Time will tell.. He does have some experience as a coordinator at that level.
  5. Tumbleweedvol

    Game Thread Lady Vols at (#15) Indiana

    halftpme is ladyvols 34 Indiana 24.
  6. Tumbleweedvol

    UT v AU

    I'm gonna steal the thread. UT 10 Aubarn 10. Drama queens.
  7. Tumbleweedvol

    Elizabethton Cyclones beat Greeneville

    Saw the game on tv locally. The Wide receiver Parker Hughs and the running back Youngblood killed it for Elizabethton! Their quarterback is sold and can make the throws. The kicker can hit the field goal and can kickoff into the endzone. The defense stepped it up in the second half. Good hard...
  8. Tumbleweedvol

    "UT Football is 5x worse than you think it is."

    The first problem we are dealing with is the ability to play the 3/4 defensive scheme. Just plain and simple. Tennessee's best years we yearn for were 4/3 with Fulmer and that was how we won and it was our bread and butter. It's tough to change from a defense that worked and then became...
  9. Tumbleweedvol

    The Magic will Return to Knoxville

    Hess Hall is classic! We snuck a keg on the 5th floor. What is funny everybody in the dorm knew it but nobody said anything about it! Go Vols!!!
  10. Tumbleweedvol

    Star ratings good and getting better.

    You might add who actually panned out in the NFL and who are currently on a team?
  11. Tumbleweedvol

    My Favorite Vol Running Back... “The Bull.”

    I am a Jamal Lewis fan. But, in my day and time it was Johnny Jones who got UT off and running at that position. However the one guy that fought you for every yard that I attribute bringing us to the promised land was Little Man Stewart.
  12. Tumbleweedvol

    Turner needs to shadow Edwards

    It's going to take both Turner and Bowden!
  13. Tumbleweedvol

    NCAA Tournament Thread

    Louisville has no inside D. Too many layups and put backs. Looserville probably describe it best!! Bracket busted on the first game out of the shoot. Oh well, I've got the Orange winning it all, still something to pull for.
  14. Tumbleweedvol

    UT scouting report for Colgate, Iowa, Cincy fans

    Long season back to back games with Kentucky, a physically demanding game. Then Auburn the quickest toughest to defend from the 3 equals tired from a long season! They've had a few days to get their legs back underneath them and I'm sure they are primed to make a deep run in tournament. It's all...
  15. Tumbleweedvol

    Is it just us...

    Agree with ebbs and flows. Football is funny for a lot of teams because it takes a special player or coach to change the landscape of a team. Neyland had one of the greatest runs for the vols with defense and Fulmer was a offense guy. I think Pruit is building defenses that will sprinkle in...
  16. Tumbleweedvol

    Dickie V showing the Vols some love

    Dickie V. picked us for the National Championship game!
  17. Tumbleweedvol

    BTO’s Auburn’s SECT edition postgame report

    I agree! The only team I've seen shoot the three like Auburn is Marquette. That's it other than the guy at Wofford.
  18. Tumbleweedvol

    Which 2 seed has it worst/hardest?

    I think the question should be, who has the easiest 2 seed. I think Kentucky has the easiest path to the final 4!! We should win our corner of the bracket but, the elite 8, I don't know. Virginia is probably the most beatable for us of the 1 seeds. Go Big Orange!!
  19. Tumbleweedvol

    Tennessee Drops to 8th in AP Poll

    If the Vols win the SEC tournament they should be a No. 1 seed. If they don't they could fall all the way to a 3 seed, which will probably be based on SOS and all the other metrics. It will be on them and the breaks in the SEC tournament.
  20. Tumbleweedvol

    Holly Seat Is On Fire Needs A Miracle And Fast !

    It would be nice to see a team coached up to a level of a simple college team. She has not shown any ability to develop any kind of offense. It's just dribble around until the shot clock is about to expire then sling one up. On defense, it's nonexistent!!

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