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    Help me understand Coach Josh Heupel...

    He is Abraham Lincoln. He can teach kids to never give up because brighter days are ahead. Consider this: he was fired as offensive coordinator from his alma mater, Oklahoma after their 2014 season and Oklahoma fans calling for his head even though he was a Heisman runner up and led them to a...
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    The official Tennessee vs Arkansas SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME THREAD 3PM ESPN2

    Interesting. How do you know him? I ask because I know him in a different capacity. I can tell you that when my dad and I had a special needs team (played multiple sports to encourage other special needs kids across the southeast to be active), Van Horn and Chris Pollard (Duke) were the two...
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    The official Tennessee vs Arkansas SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME THREAD 3PM ESPN2

    I think this Arkansas team has to be in the discussion as best team in a regular season. They played in front of the largest away crowds all year when schools opened up their stadium for the Arkansas game. They also played a ridiculous schedule: First 3 games of the year against teams that...
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    Tellico Lake Area

    Thank you.
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    2021 SEC Tournament Game Threads (Excluding Tennessee Games)

    If you are Arkansas, then it seems you are the overall #1 seed regardless of this tournament so I wonder why they would not just throw their non-starters out and see what happens in the SECT. This is meaningless to them. Rest your team for the NCAA.
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    Here's an interesting question for the group to think about. Do you think Tennessee football will ever get back to being the powerhouse it once was?

    Unfortunately, I do not. We have too many recruiting disadvantages. I am still amazed we were able to recruit players in the 90's/early 2000's from Arizona, California, Michigan, Northeast, etc that were heavily recruited by their local schools. I just do not see us doing that again. Being...
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    Dick's House of Sport

    Some of you are really immature. I've got a boner to pick with you. And you are not near as funny as you think you are either. I could tell much better Dick's jokes too, but I don't want to be cocky.
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs #1 Arkansas Weekend Game Thread (Game 1 Friday @ 6:30 PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 12 PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 1 PM)

    If nothing else, maybe Vitello will burn the Arky bridge and we will not have to worry about him going there when Van Horn retires.
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs #1 Arkansas Weekend Game Thread (Game 1 Friday @ 6:30 PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 12 PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 1 PM)

    Van Horn seems protective of Vitello in sort of a father/son kind of way. Van Horn would come to his defense when Vitello would let his emotions get the best of him while at Arky. I remember we and others were not too fond of Vitello when he as an assistant at Arky, and due to some of his...
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    They are really good. We hung with them. Even though we were at home and allowed a crowd, we still hung toe to toe. I saw a stat that said Arkansas has played in front of the largest crowds of any program in the country, and with an average crowd size that is more than double the next team...
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    Dick's House of Sport

    I must admit that before Panthro edited his original post that was attempting to correct Toujours Pret...I was going to respond with "You really know your D...'s"...but figured that would not go over too well. :mad:
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    THE Ohio State Massage Therapist

    I despise Ohio State, but how in the world did you decipher the players thought she was a "team massage therapist" from that story? She was an independent massage therapist that contacted players through social media.
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    SEC football coaches ranked

    Every time I see things like this, I catch myself thinking "Thank God we are in the East"
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    Automobilia etc....

    I understand they are difficult to find outside of some occasional California dealership finds, but I saw a 2021 Porsche GT4 last week. Don't tell my wife, but I think I am in love. Sharp looking car.
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    Dick's House of Sport

    BigOrangeMojo brought some real potential to this thread until y'all derailed his derailment of Panthro's advertising campaign...;)
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    Do we need a California qb?

    I found this QB by state summary interesting. Supports California considerably more QBs than the second best state. Where do the best QBs come from?
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    College Guest

    I was asked to speak to a group of college students this week. I arrived early to meet with some of the faculty and students in a small group session (some physically present while also others were dialed in virtual). One young woman asked me about student debt, and if I thought companies...
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    Mike Farrell

    Actually, he rated Trey lower than most and Tennessee fans have been personally attacking him nonstop. I guess it got to him, and he stooped to the TN fans level to let them know he was right after all...but in doing so he failed to think how his response was coming across since it involved an...

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