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    '20 VA CB Karon Prunty (Kansas transfer)

    That kid is a day one starter here. Him at Hadden at corners. Taylor at safety or nickel and may the best two out of the remainder play the other spots
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    '20 FL CB Lovie Jenkins (Louisville transfer)

    I think he got into some trouble at Louisville. Nothing major . He was looked to for key contributions this season. Losing him to portal is a fairly big blow to their secondary
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    '22 TN ATH D’Arco Perkins-McAllister

    There are NFL teams who would beg to differ with you
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    '21 JUCO S Chad Brown (UCF Transfer)

    He was a spring practice participant but he never played in a UCF game
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Mature real quick sitting in an empty dorm room in nowhere Kansas for a few months
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    '22 MS LB Trevion Williams

    Thats a big feller
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    ‘16 GA LB Bryson Armstrong (Kennesaw State Transfer)

    wonder if he could play the star?
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    '22 TN WR Kaydin Pope

    I believe he is a 4.4 guy.
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    '22 GA OLB Jaron Willis (GT commit)

    Destined for a decommitment by October
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    ‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate

    kid looks 40 years old
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    '22 GA OT Maurice Clipper Jr

    What coach(es) recruit Milton for Tennessee?? Is it Garner
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    '22 TN OLB Elijah Herring (Tennessee Commit)

    His brother is talented but don't sleep on Elijah. He has excellent skills and athleticism . Needs work with basics of playing linebacker.
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    '21 TN OT (PWO) Nick Edwards

    good for the kid. this program needs kids right now who love Tennessee
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    '22 QB IN Tayven Jackson (UT commit)

    Maybe Milton is a Mauer replacement. He hasn't done much during his time on campus to gain the trust of anyone. Spring maybe the end of the road for him at Tennessee
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    ‘23 TN OL Joe Crocker

    I Tennessee doesn't sign him I will Cry You a River
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    ‘23 TN WR Ayden Greene

    Watched him play multiple times last season and he was the best athlete on the field each game. He is far from a finished product . Im glad Tennessee jumped in on these Powell kids early. They are promising as prospects. Seems like I recall a hugh defenseive lineman for Powell who may have been...
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    '22 TN OT Grayson Morgan

    we don't have athletic tackle bodies on campus . we have tackle-like bodies that aren't athletic enough to play tackle in the SEC . Decent players but better suited for the interior line
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    '21 TN OL Jmarion Jenkins-Gooch (Missouri commit)

    Do we know the circumstances here? Grades?? Off the field transgression. Going to need more than message board rumor before this can be answered
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    You do realize many of these prospects haven't been "rated" in over a year because of COVID. For the life of me, I don't understand the fascination with stars. Offer lists are a far better measure of the quality of a prospect
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    '22 TN QB Tevin Carter

    Rather have Simpson

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