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    ‘23 SC WR Devin Hyatt

    If he has 60 receptions this fall, I believe the total will be closer to 1,500 yards
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    '17 NC QB Hendon Hooker (Vol transfer)

    Good conversation, the key is going to be who gets the ball to Jones, Hyatt, etc and enables them to make plays.
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    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning

    No one is beating David Cutcliffe on this one
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    '20 SC WR Jalin Hyatt (UT SIGNEE)

    I thought Maurer was advertised as a 4.5 guy during his recruitment
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    '20 SC WR Jalin Hyatt (UT SIGNEE)

    Anyone else see Maurer as a Drew Bennett clone, maybe ending up at WR
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    What sports moment broke your heart the worst?

    I could list some vols moments, losing to Florida with Manning, etc. but after this I lost a lot of interest in the NFL, probably watched five games since this happened
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    Think Coach Pruitt Would Love To Pull A LK?

    I don’t think Pruitt has to say it, he just does it.
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    How long will Pruitt survive based on what you’ve seen so far?

    Butch was carried by Dobbs, Barnett, etc. oh and he had a strength coach early on. Butch mismanaged the program with poor recruiting and development his last couple of years. Pruitt inherited that mess. You have to like Pruitt’s recruiting and I perceive player development. Ga State was on the...
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    '19 WV OL Darnell Wright (Tennessee signee)

    Come on Mr. Wright jump in on Five Star Friday
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    Kongbo DE or LB?

    “Twitter I was surprised when I saw this, because I thought he was DL. I assume they’ve told him they would play him like Pruitt did Deshawn Hand and told Mincey the same thing when recruiting him.
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    '18 TN ATH Joseph Norwood

    “Uncommitted defensive back Joseph Norwood: One of the most intriguing late finds in the class, Norwood didn’t play football as a junior but he’s a great basketball player a state champion long jumper and he’s immediately shown the physicality for the game. He could end up at UMass or MTSU if a...
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    '18 TN ATH Joseph Norwood

    Bumped to a four star on 247
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    24/7 Talent Composite...

    Did you use JMP to build the graph?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk XXXIV

    There were two things in the spring about abates that had me curious about his role this fall. 1. Shop said that we would play more 4-3 instead of nickel this year. And the SAM LB was going to have to cover the TE and RB in pass coverage more. 2. Shop said Bates was working at nickel most...
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    Saftety Stephen Griffin leaving the program (and Gavin Bryant)

    Fact By my count we were two over the 85 limit with signees coming into spring practice. The two leaving today should get us to 85 if my math if right
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    Tenn and BYU agree to home and home

    Are you currently living in Utah?
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    '18 TN OT Max Wray

    2016 College Football Team Talent Composite In 2016 Georgia was 6 overall in composite team talent, but that doesn't mean the talent is developed!
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    Wonder what our boys are doing tonight. Nebraska players are

    I can Confirm the original poster's comments. I saw several Nebraska players and fans at the hotel, I even talked to one of their strength coaches.

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