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    Pick'em - Arkansas 5/14-5/16

    2-1 double
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    Pick’em Missouri Tigers - 5/7-5/9

    sweep, double please.
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    Pick'em - Tennessee Tech 4/20

    cover double
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    Pick'em - Vanderbilt

    2-1 double
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    Pick'em - Western Carolina 4/13

    No cover double
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    Pick'em - Florida 4/9-4/11

    2-1 double
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    Pick'em - Western Carolina 3/30

    no cover double
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    Pick'em - LSU 3/26-3/28

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    '21 TN TE Luke Stum

    FWIW Hudl says 4.75
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    Pick'em - EKU - 3/23

    no cover
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    Vaccine or not?

    Does anyone remember the swine flu vaccine back in 1976? The flu asn't what they thought it would be , but the vaccine caused some people to have Guillaue Barre Syndome . The immune system attacks the nerves. The incidence rate for vaccinated people was 4x the rate for unvaccinated. I passed out...
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    Funny things I have seen.

    I pulled a stringer out of a pond with a fish attached one day. I let the snake have the fish. All of them!
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    Funny things I have seen.

    Reminds me of a camping trip. We were camped right off the entrance road to the campground on a dead end access road. A truck with a yapping dog, an unhappy wife and a determined boater pulling his boat asked about a place to camp. We told him before he turned on to the dead end access that...
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    Funny things I have seen.

    Anothr one I just remembred. I took a trip from Munich through Austria and down into Italy just before I got out of the Army. We, army buddy and I,ended up in Rome. No street signs, rush hour traffic etc. etc. Remember the comedy routine where people in a traffic jam bump each other and jump out...
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    Whisky, bourbon or scotch and what's your favorite?

    Can't name a lot of what we had a but a friend worked for a fellow up north who owned 3or4 car dealerships. When he passed my friend kind of inherited a few bottles at a time from the cellar. I ended up with a hand painted bottle of 1940 circa 7 yr old Kentucky Tavern. Also recently had a...
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    Funny things I have seen.

    Saw a fight outside a bar one night. The guy on his back on the ground assured the fellow sitting on top of him "I won't hurt you if you let me up."
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    Pick'em - ETSU - 3/16

    No cover

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