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  1. cobbwebb0710

    The Official #4 Tennessee vs #1 Arkansas Weekend Game Thread (Game 1 Friday @ 6:30 PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 12 PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 1 PM)

    Arkansas is due. No way a team goes through this conference without a series loss. GBO!!
  2. cobbwebb0710

    For New/Infrequent Posters – The Rules Thread

    Rule #4 Do not EVER debate drawing dead on the art of the “pick off” (you will not win this debate) Rule #5 do not EVER question txbo’s taste in bourbon (he is very well connected in a Texas crime family, the Cartwright family and it will not end well for you) Rule #6 Do not EVER take anything...
  3. cobbwebb0710

    ‘23 CA ILB Leviticus Su’a

    Rodney Garner will have this kid “eating out of the psalm of his hand” by the time this recruitment is over! GBO!!
  4. cobbwebb0710

    Wknd activities at LNS...

    Hi. GBO!!
  5. cobbwebb0710

    Wknd activities at LNS...

    Nick Senzel?🤷‍♂️ I’m throwing 💩 against the wall here, work with me bruh. GBO!!
  6. cobbwebb0710

    Wknd activities at LNS...

    Followed by Chris Burke on Sunday. GBO!!
  7. cobbwebb0710

    Name one offense & one defense former Vol you want back

    On the road at Florida and Alabama this year, I’m taking Clausen. On defense, give me #27 roaming the field. GBO!!
  8. cobbwebb0710

    With Vols, Jahmai Mashack wants to 'prove a lot of people wrong'

    Sounds like the type of kid that Barnes can/will win with! GBO!!
  9. cobbwebb0710

    Tennessee parts ways with Adam Tate (AD for football compliance)

    That’s exactly why I really really hope Heupel is THE guy. GBO!!
  10. cobbwebb0710

    The Official #4 Tennessee vs Tennessee Tech Tuesday Game Thread (6:30 PM)

    You’ve made me curious as to what the record is? GBO!!
  11. cobbwebb0710

    Poll: Do you believe players are paid?

    I’m still looking for the “yes, and we should demand a refund” option...🤷‍♂️ GBO!!
  12. cobbwebb0710

    Tuesday Mentality

    Yes. GBO!!
  13. cobbwebb0710

    Tuesday Mentality

    If I were coach and I am confident in my guys, I’m playing my starters, midweek. At least to a certain point(winning or losing) We are getting close to win or go home time and I want them to have the mentality that every game matters. But that’s JMO and I fully trust this staff to do what is...
  14. cobbwebb0710

    The Official #5 Tennessee at Mizzou Weekend Game Thread (Game 1 Friday @ 7:30 PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 4 PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 2 PM)

    Keep me updated, I had to break down and start dinner. These heathens act like they’re starving to death. I mean, I just fed them yesterday! GBO!!

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