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  1. Sudden Impact

    Auburn defensive lineman Jay Hardy is in the transfer portal

    Is he in the portal, Thought 1 May was the Deadline
  2. Sudden Impact

    Describe The Strip in the 60s-90s

    I missed that but there were more women on Campus than Men in the 70's that were willing and able....
  3. Sudden Impact

    The Official #5 Tennessee @ Texas A&M Weekend Series Thread (Game 1 Saturday @ 3PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 5PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 1PM)

    Maybe wrong but looking at this team it is really Balanced and Consistent in play.... Average Guys+ doing a Heroes Type Job....Depth in all areas and well Coached...
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    Thank God for LSU...what a mess

    Nashville and Covid 19 will be the least of your worries if you care to indulge or take a ride...
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    The Grill and BBQ thread

  6. Sudden Impact

    What did you have for dinner II?

    Smoked Breast Spatcocked Chicken
  7. Sudden Impact

    Should UT voluntarily eliminate postseason with some 'ships to clean up NCAA mess?

    I agree. We have given up enough...The NCAA is still hasn't addressed LSU, Auburn, and others. I would tie their hands up legally so it would be drawn out for years. Kansas Arizona just other programs doing equally if not worse.
  8. Sudden Impact

    The Grill and BBQ thread

    Leftovers The quarters are gone. And they were delicious. Here's what's left over. Nothing But Wings
  9. Sudden Impact

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    I Agree, but this team has played slowed all year....Started out fresh but never got their legs under them and they looked like they played in slow motion for a majority of the time....Could it Be? Covid recovery lag....Yea I get the Team Chemistry but what I have seen in the tournament is that...
  10. Sudden Impact

    Tennessee basketball history......

    Yes Remember it Well Because I Watch with Reggie Harper who later signed with the Vols in Football.
  11. Sudden Impact

    Theory + a couple of observations

    Is that you CRB?
  12. Sudden Impact


    I liked your post, but hell yea Tennessee fans can talk about the Big 10 all they want...Why? Because it is what it is and the Big 10 was overrated and they SUCK....BTW I have had several bourbons tonight so it is the Alcohol talking but it makes no Difference the BIG 10 Sucks and the SEC puts...
  13. Sudden Impact

    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    LSU Cheaters and Michigan Overrated.....Tough Choice....
  14. Sudden Impact

    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    3 reasons I would pull for LSU....The Big 10 Fiasco SEC NCAA committee just getting this wrong. I hate the Big 10 more than I hate LSU....LSU Gets the Win and I will root against them because I hate Cheaters.
  15. Sudden Impact

    Safe to say the Big Ten was grossly overrated

    Was going to start a thread stating the same thing....Unbelievable
  16. Sudden Impact

    Roster Construction

    I think the bottom line. Is that coach Barnes had no versatility in the offensive scheme. He had nobody to pull off the bench to spark the offense know new games to adjust during the game. In other words no versatility and the starting rotation or any bench rotation
  17. Sudden Impact

    Theory + a couple of observations

    One that Works....We had all the puzzle pieces but did not have right offense to fit the players on the court...After watching a few more games in the NCAA Tournament we did not have the team energy either. Maybe Covid took a huge cut in health or the time to install a better offense. But...
  18. Sudden Impact

    Theory + a couple of observations

    Just because you Shoot 20 3s does not mean you are running an offense that supports it...Compare to previous offenses of the past...They did not either. This year CBR had to make adjustments and the offense focused on the shots at the foul line and driving the ball to the heart of the...

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