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  1. Special Ed

    Tennessee passes NIL Bill

    NIL BILL: Wasn't that a Quentin Tarantino movie?
  2. Special Ed

    So where are we in the supposed investigation?

    Slower than...
  3. Special Ed

    Why did Ty Chandler leave ?

    He needed to rehab from his addiction to free Happy Meals?
  4. Special Ed

    1972 Vols Where Are They Now

    I think I know where the 1872 Vols are now:
  5. Special Ed

    When the day comes who is our next mens bb coach?

    I could see either Bruce or Donnie redux. Given the right roster, either one could do great things with the facilities that UT has.
  6. Special Ed

    Connor Pavolony

    Don't know, but I had a pavolony (on rye) sandwich for lunch.
  7. Special Ed

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    If we can't get Emoni Bates, maybe we can land his brother Norman. We won't even have to buy his mother a motel.
  8. Special Ed

    New QB Commit- Tayven Jackson

    Penix envy?
  9. Special Ed

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    I resemble that remark!
  10. Special Ed

    ‘22 TN PG Quante Berry

    Quante of Solace?
  11. Special Ed

    Over seas?

    Isn't the French recruit, Quentin Diboundje, from somewhere in France (via Montverde)?
  12. Special Ed

    Beloved UT alumni Alan West..

    This merits a thread?
  13. Special Ed

    T-Rob @ the game still the best arm in UT history

    Who's the other guy in the photo?
  14. Special Ed

    Transfer Portal Thread

    The FL thug who mugged Fulky should be in the portal to Hell.
  15. Special Ed

    '24 PA CB Omillio Agard

    Considering his suitors, he may be worth landing.

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