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    Nike, Satan, and UT

    I had seen a couple different posts in so many words mentioning Nike being with them and one said collaboration. But of course I can’t find those posts now
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    Nike, Satan, and UT

    Nike said they didn’t design or release the shoe. Didn’t say they didn’t allow it or ok it. I would find it very hard to believe a shoe like that, with the media attention it would get, would be released without Nike being notified with it being a Nike shoe.
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    Nike, Satan, and UT

    A lawsuit for the shoes being a Nike shoe and bearing the swoosh without Nikes permission. Nike has said they didn’t design or release these shoes, well maybe not. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t give Nas and that company the go ahead to do those Nike shoes up like that and sell them. Like...
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    Nike, Satan, and UT

    I’m sorry but there will either be a lawsuit and retraction of those shoes, or Nike is indeed affiliated, no matter what statement they release. No way those shoes come out with the Swoosh and saying it’s a colab with Nike, without that being true or a lawsuit and retraction happening.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #6 Alabama Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, ESPN

    That timeout Barnes called with 3 something left was one of the best TO’s I’ve seen him call. He usually lets them play through that but the game could have changed right there and he knew it and stopped it.
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    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    A dominant big man would be fantastic. But if we just had a true post scoring threat and a 8-9 rpg rebounder it would help this team tremendously. IMO, whatever has happened to cause Fulkersons big step back has hurt the teams offensive production as much as anything. Pons never was a true...
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    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    Absolutely not, you let him finish his career here if he will (and hopefully he does). He’s recruiting extremely well, he has a great staff, he’s well liked and does things the right way, and he hasn’t suddenly forgotten how to coach. Every team is different. Sometimes it’s harder to get a...
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    The Official #16 Tennessee @ Louisiana State Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    LSU is looking to attack quick and early, it’s not that hard to figure out. How in the world the defense can continually allow them to drive straight to the basket in transition is completely ridiculous. Do whatever you have to do to stop the transition driving, double them at half court...
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    Can we finally appreciate

    I’m excited. Offensive talent should be really excited to play for this offensive staff. If UT can finish out an excellent defensive staff, and continue to recruit well especially with the upcoming in state class, I believe TN can be back to being competitive for the top in the SEC East in 3-4...
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    We’ve found our offense..

    I love Barnes, I really do. He’s a great person and a great coach. But sometimes I think he is a little too reluctant to change things, (his reluctance to play a zone at times when a team is killing us in the paint but can’t make an outside shot befuddles me). But IMO there’s no way he can go...
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    We’ve found our offense..

    At the 10-11 minute mark to go in the 2nd half, Keon and Jaden relentlessly attacked the basket and repeatedly scored and/or got fouled. The pushing the ball up court and letting these 2 go at it needs to continue and be our bread and butter. Going through Pons and Fulkerson just hasn’t...
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    Refs workin it at corRUPPt arena

    It’s got so bad even Dickie V has called out the refs for the block call on Fulky for his 4th and Brooks laying all over Pons when we cut it to 2 just under 10:00 mark
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    Refs workin it at corRUPPt arena

    First half fouls, 15 TN and 7 KY. free throw attempts, 15 KY and 3 UT.
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    Refs workin it at corRUPPt arena

    It’s absolutely horrible, One seems to do things in spite of Barnes, maybe Doug Shaws. Looked at a blatant backcourt to start the game and just shrugged his shoulders when Barnes pressed him, been missing calls ever since
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    BTO’s Texas A&M Postgame Report

    SV showed up, was great to see him bounce back like that after a subpar game. I hate to see Bailey continue to struggle defensively because he’s a big time scorer, but I believe his mins will continue to decrease unless he catches up some defensively. We got to see some more of them playing...
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    More More More JJJ

    It tells of what an advantage we have with our guards, some are better at some things than others. If we’re needing lockdown D to navigate screens and stop penetration, I’m rolling JJJ, Springer and Keon. If we’re needing 3’s or free throws, JJJ, Bailey and Vescovi. If we’re needing...
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    3 truths thru 6 games

    Johnsons TO’s earned him the bench for most the night tonight, I think he had 5. Springer may be the best penetrater we have, he’s tough to handle 1 on 1. If Springer and Johnson keep improving as they should, it’s going to be really hard to keep them off the court. Which is great because...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Awful big leap there Ron just based off Hubbs making some comments...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    If that’s the case, it’s definitely not good news. Pruitt is not the answer and needs to go, but if this is true I don’t believe any good coach will want the job.
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    Colorado Postgame Report

    Good write up Chris. The thing that bothered me most is how our offense struggled against the 2-3 zone, we struggled with it last year as well but seemed to really struggle tonight. They really extended it to try and take the 3 away while in the zone which they did fairly well, opting to...

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