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  1. Atlvol313

    Tony Elliot Reaching Out To Assistant Coaches Should He Become Tennessee HC

    What? Why would that even make a difference?
  2. Atlvol313

    Iowa Football Players Put Fans On Notice

    I have to respectfully disagree. A person's dress may help in some instances, but a lot of people are judged by their skin color first. I was reading about people at Fenway park throwing slurs at Adam Jones in 2017. He had on the same uniform as the other players right? Remember the UK fan...
  3. Atlvol313

    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims (UGA commit)

    So lets say we get to 10 wins (including a bowl), one RB with 1,000 yards another with 800 all while having two linemen projected to be drafted in the first 50 picks of the NFL draft. Does that move Mims or other top linemen in an Orange direction? All these things are possible.
  4. Atlvol313

    '19 CA QB JT Daniels (Georgia commit)

    Kinda tough to say no to the kid. This does look a bit desperate for Kirby and company to add him after taking another highly touted transfer and 2021 QB. Hopefully this will cause a few defections from their class.
  5. Atlvol313

    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon (georgia commit)

    I was just looking at the size Kam Chancellor 6' 3" 232 He's what? 6' 3" 220 ? Having a deep talent pool gives a lot of leverage to a team to try different options
  6. Atlvol313

    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon (georgia commit)

    Not sure if this was mentioned, but with his speed does any one else see his strong safety potential?
  7. Atlvol313

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    happy for him. Not in SEC.
  8. Atlvol313

    '21 TX QB Kaidon Salter (Tennessee signee)

    Agreed all of the talent we can get
  9. Atlvol313

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Almost forgot about this guy.
  10. Atlvol313

    '20 MS ATH Jimmy Holiday (UT SIGNEE)

    His HS highlights show that he can be very dangerous as a runner. Usually the best athlete in a program ends up at QB. He will get a chance but he will be using his running ability more than his arm in college.
  11. Atlvol313

    '20 TN DE/TE Eunique Valentine

    Did we sign a TE in this class?
  12. Atlvol313

    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning

    So, what's the chance that Kiff is still at Ole Miss when his cycle comes around and struggling? Does that put UT in the driver's seat ?
  13. Atlvol313

    Big 10 athletic Directors thinking of changing their transfer rules

    I can see this both ways. A kid can want a fresh start and go from a stronger school to one that needs him. Also it could work out that he/ she wants to just change scenery Remember 3 of 4 playoff teams this year had transfer QBs starting for them.
  14. Atlvol313

    Big 10 athletic Directors thinking of changing their transfer rules

    Big Ten ADs back one-time transfer exemption It won’t be long before all conferences follow suit.
  15. Atlvol313

    Here's The College Football News Analysis Of The 2020 Tennessee Football Team

    Going 10-2 means we will win the East. Georgia plays Bama and Auburn next year. I've always hated the fact that our schedule was so front loaded. I hope we keep UGA on the 2nd half of the schedule .

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