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    Honestly, I consider transfers to be a crap shoot. They're in the portal for any number of reasons, but I still consider it more trading one problem for another. It's like going juco for help. It's really a surprise when they actually help your program. Heupel is doing all he can to help shore...

    You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

    Can we bring back firing squads? Public stoning? Burning at the stake?

    WR Nigel Lanier Commits to Tennessee

    Who? Wut?

    Why did Ty Chandler leave ?

    Gonna focus on the younguns we got. Ain't gonna worry about guys who skip out on the program.

    Auburn defensive lineman Jay Hardy is in the transfer portal

    Auburn came up with "it". "It" happened on his official. Guess the question becomes just exactly what "it" is?

    Auburn defensive lineman Jay Hardy is in the transfer portal

    No kidding. It's not a damned PS4 game. Get settled. Get serious. And get to winning some damned football games.

    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    One game? Was he injured? If not, one has to wonder what the problem was. Guess he's a body at a position of need, but it doesn't sound like we are getting a real impact player.

    '19 NJ ILB Juwan Mitchell (Texas Transfer) [Tennessee commit]

    Mitchell back in the game with the real UT. Welcome to Rocky Top young man.

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    I'd like to have such a dominant rim protector and force 'em to make those midrange shots instead of layups/dunks. Hell, I wish Barnes could check his ego and be able to accept a couple of zone defenses in his toolkit. Hate being a one trick pony defensively.
  10. CAVPUT

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Let's not get carried away. These guys are in the portal for a reason. Either they're trouble, not good enough or they've got issues with the current school/staff.
  11. CAVPUT

    We Need Better Lawyers and a Set

    If boosters/donors got involved and enabled Pruitt to lead our program into CFB purgatory, maybe it's better to name names and begin distancing ourselves from these folks. Yeah, I know it's hard to step away from that kind of money, but at some point, you have to question what you're doing when...
  12. CAVPUT

    We Need Better Lawyers and a Set

    If they got tied up in the Hoover mafia and Pruitt, I'd beg to differ. Then again, maybe it's time to sever ties with some of these big money types. Their "contributions" to date and influence it's bought have produced some pretty dismal results. The definition of insanity comes to mind. Might...
  13. CAVPUT

    '19 NJ ILB Juwan Mitchell (Texas Transfer) [Tennessee commit]

    No kidding. Come on Mitchell. Get back in the game. Join the Big Orange nation.
  14. CAVPUT

    Vols get commit from DL transfer

    I've seen some of UT's big ol' softies taken to the woodshed by smaller/quicker opponent DL. I'm not sure I want those 330 statues on the OL anymore. If the game is to be played outside the hash marks as many are saying, we need more agile players. Same for OL. We could use some 290-300 guys who...
  15. CAVPUT

    UCF sets school record with 5 players....

    So...maybe we should have hired George?? :cool:
  16. CAVPUT

    We Need Better Lawyers and a Set

    Don't know why UT would worry about him under oath. Aren't the in the middle of the investigation to end all investigations regarding Pruitt and his staff? Hell, cap murder and divorce cases don't take this long to resolve. They're supposedly coming clean and laying it all bare for the NCAA so...
  17. CAVPUT

    I didn't realize it was this bad...

    If you didn't recognize the depths to which we've fallen, you've not been paying attention. This debacle got its start in 2001 vs lsu and it's been on the skids, with an exception or two, ever since.
  18. CAVPUT

    Ideas for Stadium

    My idea for the stadium....put a legit SEC football team on the field for a change.
  19. CAVPUT

    UCF sets school record with 5 players....

    I'm just hopin' that light at the end of said tunnel isn't an oncoming train with the NCAA conducting it.

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