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  1. BucksnortVol

    '17 TN S Kaleb Oliver (Georgia Tech Transfer)

    Son, we've discovered what causes that....
  2. BucksnortVol

    '21 GA RB Cody Brown (Miami commit)

    Goodbye and good riddance. Opens up a scolly for the transfer market. If we have to try another rebuilt, then let CJH pick his own timber.
  3. BucksnortVol

    Martin Methodist College to Join UT System?

    USA Today is reporting that UT President, Randy Boyd and Martin Methodist College President, Mark La Branche have begun discussions to merge the two institutions. The merger of the two schools would expand the UT system's footprint into Middle Tennessee, Pulaski, where UT no longer has a...
  4. BucksnortVol

    VFL Ramon Foster Joins Nashville Sports Talk Radio

    Sports talk radio in Nashville got a Labor Day shake up with 104.5, "The Zone" announcing that long time Steelers OG and VFL Ramon Foster will join the station in the 6:00 am slot Mon-Fri. Foster will join Jason Martin as co-host for the early show, The Wakeup Zone, on the station. This time...
  5. BucksnortVol

    Tim Jordan arrested

    About 3 years.
  6. BucksnortVol

    Johnny Majors Passed Away

    He gave his all for Tennessee today..... Go, and rest high on Rocky Top, RIP Johnny Majors
  7. BucksnortVol

    George Floyd Protest/Riots

    Let this mess that's going on now remind us all....the Second Amendment ain't about quail hunting.
  8. BucksnortVol

    Anyone have any updates on Jeremy Banks's status?

    Well, don't come around here looking for sympathy. My advice.....see the movies "Caddyshack" and "Animal House" without delay.
  9. BucksnortVol

    Grant Maner edit: Brian Maurer

    Glad you have it measured and plumbed for the young man. I wish I had such clarity of vision and surety of outcome. It's good work if you can get it. But when a young adult, or anyone else, is courageous enough to speak out like Maurer has, jmo; but I think that is a pretty manly, high and tight...
  10. BucksnortVol

    Grant Maner edit: Brian Maurer

    Lay off the young man. He has been dealing with some really tough things lately and has had the courage to speak out about them. We need to embrace our Vols positively. His ex girlfriend's publicity stunt was beneath contempt.
  11. BucksnortVol

    '21 TX RB LJ Johnson

    Nope, we don't. But if this is for real, either Elijah Howard or Jaylen Wright might get a "you need to look around" phone call.
  12. BucksnortVol

    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims (UGA commit)

    Agree......the tenor of this thread has become an embarrassment. I hope Mims is not reading the revolting mess that has been posted above.
  13. BucksnortVol

    '21 GA RB Cody Brown (Miami commit)

    We all like to think it could never happen in our families....
  14. BucksnortVol

    '21 CA SDE Korey Foreman

    Genius! That would be radical! I mean, has anything so revolutionary ever been done before? o_O:D:oops:
  15. BucksnortVol

    '21 AL CB Edwin White

    This!! This is the kind of outspoken, challenging leadership that this class needs. Good for you young Vol, throw it down and bring it too! This class needs identity and cohesion....AKA Leadership, and there it is. Spark it!
  16. BucksnortVol

    '21 GA RB Cody Brown (Miami commit)

    Remember, we have to economize anywhere we can.....Lyle must still get his check, even in these uncertain times. That dingus has purposely remained under-employed to milk it while "analyzing" for a yearly, traditional foe. He must be playing Billy Crystal to Saban's Robert De Niro.....on our dinero.
  17. BucksnortVol

    OT: A feel good story for all Volunteers

    Well, bless your heart!

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