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  1. Wezcoast

    Prayers needed

    I think I'd lose my mind. Infinitely sorry to hear about that man. I didn't see that post somehow, but I'm saying a belated prayer .
  2. Wezcoast

    Prayers needed

    I can't even... praying that peace finds your heart soon. It will when it's time.
  3. Wezcoast

    Spring practice #3. first day in full pads

    yeh.. duh. my brain has the dumbs tonight
  4. Wezcoast

    Spring practice #3. first day in full pads

    On a related note, I actually feel sorry for Clint Stoerner. He was a hell of a player that will only be remembered as the Arkansas QB that coughed away a possible chance at a national title run to Tennessee at the last minute.
  5. Wezcoast

    Oregon vs VCU game declared no-contest

    The Beavers for UO = Vanderbilt for UT fans.
  6. Wezcoast

    Ice Cream Time

  7. Wezcoast

    Breaking news: We'll be good again.... eventually

    Nope . I'm right with you. 2048 is our year. national champs , you saw it here first
  8. Wezcoast

    Big report about to come out how Bama & Ga cheat

    If anything becomes verifiable, you better believe ESPN will run with it. They almost collectively hate the SEC in general and would love to see the old days of Michigan, ND, OSU, OU, USC, PennSt , and Texas return to front and center.
  9. Wezcoast

    Elliott on not taking UT job.

    Spurrier had a gorilla sized ego with the brains and b-lls to back it up. Not many if any quite like him. Urban Meyer in his prime was probably the closest we'll see cut from that cloth for a while.
  10. Wezcoast

    Elliott on not taking UT job.

    Somebody is going to come along and change this perception. Could be Heupel. We'll find out soon.
  11. Wezcoast

    Tennessee's QB situation under Heupel

    lol I've felt that frustration before so many times. Admittedly, I tend to fail at the blue font notations occasionally.
  12. Wezcoast

    Can football season start this Saturday

    It's about time some luck came their way.
  13. Wezcoast

    To Tee Martin and Jay Graham...

    Dude's gotta do what's best for them and their families. UT did
  14. Wezcoast

    OrangeRaid Offense

    Sarcasm detection a little sluggish today? I was just throwing the same bs at him that he throws at us constantly.
  15. Wezcoast

    OrangeRaid Offense

    I agree . Melon should forfeit because of how uncompetitive UT will be and it just taints the Gaters' image having to be on the same field with them.
  16. Wezcoast


    Negativity isn't my thing, but expecting anything is a bit unreasonable . We may pull together and salvage a surprisingly competitive team , but there's no floor this year. This is as much a hope for the best and expect the worst type of year as we've ever had at UT. 6-6 would indicate that...
  17. Wezcoast

    Dang, sounds like Cody Brown wants out

    People need to grow up and stop throwing out every passing emotion that hits them on social media. It doesn't help them or anyone else to share every thought they have by the minute. You can make an ass of yourself and go back and delete the post, but once it's out there, it's out there. Twatter...
  18. Wezcoast

    Current (and Former) Player Reactions

    That's weird. There were twatter posts of some of them seemingly surprised and shocked that he never said goodbye etc. I guess they may have jumped the gun and he talked to them after they were posted. I guess I should have watched the presser.
  19. Wezcoast

    Current (and Former) Player Reactions

    Good to see the players are at least ready to give him a chance. He probably should have talked to his UCF guys before jumping on the plane though. That isn't a good look. We've all made some bad choices that affected other people. Hope he buys in to his new family and handles it the right way...

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