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    Trumpet Legend Doc Severinsen Vol Fan

    Laughed at "more mature"- We're just OLD!
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    Nice additions to my memorabilia

    Lets not forget Jack "Hacksaw" Reynolds if we are talking Vol linebackers but I do believe Al Wilson was the best "Leader" to ever wear the orange and white.
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    Do we beat Ole Miss this year ?

    No. We could put up 45 and still lose.
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    The Spring Roster is Upon us

    Lack of depth on defensive side of ball is biggest liability with CJHs offensive approach. Conditioning and bringing in transfers are only hope. Fear we may see a lot of leads disappear late in games. However, having a lead late in games would still be a big improvement over recent history and...
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    NCAA Sanctions............

    Should it be taken into consideration will likely be an irrelevant question in the eyes of the NCAA. Their rulings tend to ignore unfair impact on any institution other than a select few that they are actually afraid of (Bama, tOSU, etc.).
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    This X1000! At least half of the SEC coach firings in the last decade was a direct result of not being able to compete with Saban. The other half was just due to coaching ineptitude. Unfortunately, UT has been a major contributor to this latter category.
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    Why did Butch Jones get us so close, where Dooley and Pruitt didn't?

    For the record, we probably shouldn’t hang the firing of any coach around the neck of JG. It is the coach who decides who plays under center.
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    NCAA Sanctions............

    It is the Missouri example that should worry everyone. That and the general inconsistency of NCAA rulings. Do we get a logical jurist or the “hanging judge”?
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    Most exhilarating sports moment?

    First time in Neyland in 1968 as a 12 year old watching the Vols destroy UCLA. Sugar Bowl in 1986. National champs in 1998. Game 6 of the 2011 WS at Busch watching David Freese bring the Cards back from the brink then homer for the win in extra innings. Best BB game I ever witnessed in person.
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    Huepel on Finebaum

    Yes, unfortunately TV ratings are based on the number of people watching a given program and not on the average IQ of those watching.
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    Pat Summitt

    Unfortunately, neuro-diseases are the least understood of all diseases. I spent years early in my career doing research in that arena and all I really walked away with was frustration. While there is definitely a correlation between contact sports (FB, boxing, etc) and incidence of neuro...
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    2021 things

    All your points are good ones. None of this should surprise anyone. It would help if the general public including the news media had a rudimentary understanding of science/immunology but that is not where we are. The math is fairly simple. A vaccine that is 95% effective simply means that a...
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    After watching the news Conf. Which coach impressed the most?

    Completely agree, especially with "creative yet SIMPLE." I think there is ample data that CJH will definitely handle the creative piece. My concern is with the "SIMPLE." In recent years our QBs have stared down single receivers, not thrown to wide open receivers and at times have seemed clueless...
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    Lasting impression of OL Coach Elarbee

    Can't take that bet because you are correct in that CJH was not on my list. Hoping that turns out to be an oversight on my part and that he becomes wildly successful at UT. I remember when he was QB for the Sooners but after that he fell off my radar until he was announced as the replacement for...
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    Lasting impression of OL Coach Elarbee

    Agree but lets go with"nasty" instead of "dirty." Wouldn't want anyone to mistake the Vols for the Ga dawgs.
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    Lasting impression of OL Coach Elarbee

    I have been married for 41 years (just not to the same woman!;)). Never said I was upset by the silence. Actually I was so upset by the way we had played that I welcomed the silence. Gave me a chance to think about who I would like as our next coach. I can honestly say that the list I built in...
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    Lasting impression of OL Coach Elarbee

    12 bottles of Glendronnach single malt. I made them wager a higher end spirit since they would be splitting the cost six ways while I was carrying the entire bet myself. Sounded like a good idea at the time but after the game......not so much! My wife did not speak to me on the drive back to St...
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    Lasting impression of OL Coach Elarbee

    It was two bottles each to six of my neighbors. If we had won I would have scored 12 bottles of Glendronnach single malt!
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    Lasting impression of OL Coach Elarbee

    Having lived in St. Louis for the last 4 decades I don’t make it to as many games as I once did. Usually one game a year at Neyland and an occasional road game, especially when we play Mizzou in Columbia. In 2017 I attended the game in Columbia when CJH was the OC for Mizzou and Elarbee was the...
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    After watching the news Conf. Which coach impressed the most?

    Ok. that was funny! But, hey, it's 5 oclock somewhere. I would ask, however, "When is it EVER ok to reference drinking on a resume, even if you check twice for typos?"

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