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  1. jonnon111

    Matthew Butler said 'everybody' in the 2017 class has considered leaving

    And people wonder why we always get coach speak and scripted lines.
  2. jonnon111

    Josh Heupel's time allotment as HC

    Volnation will call for him to be fired in 2022. Book it.
  3. jonnon111

    Per Hyams - Tennessee shut down due to Covid

    Because why let facts get in the way if a negative spiral?
  4. jonnon111

    Question about Too’Too and Crouch and the famous Transfer Portal.

    I hope they kick rocks and we never hear those names again.
  5. jonnon111

    Players Arrested (Old news)

    All players suspended indefinitely (per AD statement) FFS
  6. jonnon111

    Future of Vols Uniforms and Cleats

    White cleats so we don't look like the 1960s and now that Gump is gone, maybe we won't play like it's 1960 either
  7. jonnon111

    Any news on to’o to’o and crouch?

    When a lid enters he transfer portal, id pull their scholarship and tell them good luck, your not welcome back. You can't live, eat or workout with the team. When you enter the transfer portal your gone IMO.
  8. jonnon111

    Ekeler on coaches being labeled as "great recruiters"

    FTR the recruit said it was a tattoo of his name.
  9. jonnon111

    Big Kat Bryant commits

    Of course he is. Because we are UT.
  10. jonnon111

    Ekeler on coaches being labeled as "great recruiters"

    I don't know anything about him as a coach, but getting a tattoo of an 18 year old's name is not my idea of a great coach. I hope he is great, but this story is not what I'm looking for.
  11. jonnon111

    Barry Odom is an Idiot

    Memory like a steel trap. This was a throwback bump. 2019 seems like 20 years ago now lol.
  12. jonnon111

    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

    I'm done following recruiting. It used to be fun, but the early signing period and our failure to live up to Butch Jones level of recruiting with half a staff full of recruiters of the year sucked all the fun right out of it. Now this and the transfers . . .CJH was in a tough spot
  13. jonnon111

    Best SEC Town/City (other than KnoxVegas)

    Nashville has to be it, right?
  14. jonnon111

    What does the inside of Josh Heupel's program actually look like?

    Extreme Ownership is a fantastic book and Jocko has an incredible podcast with some of Americas heroes. Nice connection!
  15. jonnon111

    What does the inside of Josh Heupel's program actually look like?

    Fantastic research. I gotta admit, this is exciting and a lot more adapted to today's players. The days of "do as I say because I said it" are long gone.
  16. jonnon111

    To Tee Martin and Jay Graham...

    Coach JG was all good until he joked on US because HE never helped coach a team good enough to beat Bama.
  17. jonnon111

    Vols flip Gooch from AUB!

    Just one more reason the hard 25 limit is stupid in recruiting.
  18. jonnon111

    Vols flip Gooch from AUB!

    Does he count against our 25 for this signing class then or does that open up a transfer spot? Since he is being released and not made to transfer.
  19. jonnon111

    Brian Jean-Mary Hired As LB Coach

    Edit: Lol, I'm too old to post a popcorn eating GIF 2nd edit: booyah!

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