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    Interesting Article from a Boise Paper

    That's alot better than being turned down by everybody and their brother isn't it!
  2. The Sentinel

    Give Dooley a grade...

    I am going with an A
  3. The Sentinel

    Nance or Bray?

    Although it is true that the proof is in the pudding as far as potential for recruits goes, I would have to say that unless Nash is the most unknown talent ever scouted - if he beats out Bray then we are likely in some trouble.
  4. The Sentinel

    Best quote from any movie

    "There is nothing stronger than the heart of a Volunteer, Jack!" Pearl Harbor
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    10 Games Left Predictions for Season

    I see us finishing 6-4 with a prayer to hit 7-3. Realistically, I see losses ay KY and Vandy and 1 or 2 losses between KY in K-Town and trips to FLA and MISS ST. I think we will beat SC in Columbia. We are currently 20th in the RPI. If we pull one out over KY and finish out 7-3 then we will...
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    The Plan Of Attack

    I'm not saying that we can never run a 3 - 4...but I will mention two things here. First - I agree with all who say that it is impossible to know until a DC. Second - Regardless of who the DC is, it is very possible to make the prediction that given our current personnel (including our...
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    This is TENNESSEE

    1973 - The year the UPI was threatened with banishment if they didn't change their criteria to after the bowl games. Bammer claims their title KNOWING that Notre Dame beat them in the Sugar Bowl and won the post bowl AP title. So now you're down to 7. 1978 - USC beats the maroon wave head...
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    Can Anyone give us a Overview.............

    Schuman would be a horrible choice for recruiting and especially DC. Let's hope it's not him. UAB D in 2009: Scoring - 102 out of 120 Passing - 120 out of 120 Rushing - 59 out of 120 Yards - 114 out of 120
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    Loyalities versus success.....

    Yesterday, I would prefer both...but yesterday is gone. Today and in the future the key is success. You see, there is no loyalty without it and the amount of success achieved will correspond into the amount of loyalty purchased for both fans and coaches. Without success - the coach is gone. With...
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    USC 2004 : Team of the decade

    I feel they did. It is, of course, open for debate.
  11. The Sentinel

    Final Staff Composition

    I agree. I think that LT is the man for RC. Joseph would be a mistake as RC but I trust him in LA area.
  12. The Sentinel

    OK...real thoughts..who can we beat

    Here's the way I see the schedule broken into groups: Lay up/Should definitely win: Tenn Martin UAB Memphis Vandy Toss up: KY Ole Miss Need Help/Luck: SC UGA Need a Miracle : Oregon Forget About It: FLA LSU Bama We could be 4-8 on the low. The best we can...
  13. The Sentinel

    Solution to a new DC

    I agree with you here but there are a couple of points to consider. First, you are spot on that somebody has to get a shot at sometime to show their mettle but given the situation we're in it would be better to have a DC that doesn't need on the job training if possible as much of our staff...
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    USC 2004 : Team of the decade

    If Auburn hadn't gotten screwed out of their shot in '04...I still think USC probably wins but they don't walk like they did over OU. This would take some luster off and Miami and probably Bama move ahead.
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    Coaching gigs that are better than UT

    I liked your list...but made some changes based on some additional ideas. Tier 1 1. USC, far and away (richest recruiting grounds with least competition for recruits or on the field) 2.Texas (tied for richest recruiting grounds, but must compete with OU & A&M in some parts of the state, as...
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    Discrepancies in National Championships

    What a shocker!!! Bammer's flee in the face of facts. Another pest disposed of by The Sentinel.
  17. The Sentinel

    9/11/2010 TN vs Oregon

    I'm going to hope against hope and pull with all I've got but I don't like this match up one bit. The only thing in our favor is that they will travel cross country and I am not sure that will be enough for us...but I can hope it is...
  18. The Sentinel

    Coaching gigs that are better than UT

    I don't know you lawgator1 but if you actually believe this there is one thing I know. If the "law" in your name would happen to have anything to do with you being a lawyer I would be on the hot lookout for wiser counsel.
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    Coaching gigs that are better than UT

    I'll go with 10-15. Not because Kiffie said it but because it's about dead on.
  20. The Sentinel

    Tommy West

    For those of you keeping score at home - here is the Schuman DC legacy in CUSA. Scoring - 102 out of 120 Passing - 120 out of 120 Rushing - 59 out of 120 Yards - 114 out of 120 Not exactly a "WOW"!

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