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  1. Jravol78

    Maurer emerging as QB1?

    i gotcha . I hope he does well too , I think he could be a decent QB in the new system , maybe even good . I just hope that he has bulked up some and learned when to hold em and when to fold em (with apologies to the late great Kenny Rogers) When he sees an opportunity to take off on foot
  2. Jravol78

    Maurer emerging as QB1?

    I see your point but Elway had a good 25 lbs on Maurer and was a world class baseball player who knew how and when to slide . Obviously didn’t slide right there but when he was getting ready to plow into those defenders they knew that the QB wouldn’t be the only one feeling the collision lol ...
  3. Jravol78

    Trumpet Legend Doc Severinsen Vol Fan

    Wow, I would definitely have to classify this under the “who knew ?” Category . Very cool
  4. Jravol78

    How many points do we score against Bama this next season?

    58008 And when we do it will turn the CFB world UPSIDE DOWN
  5. Jravol78

    Bama -vs- UCLA NCAAT Sweet 16

    I wish I could like this X1000. My mother had been valiantly battling cancer for last 6 months. Last week she really started slipping and although we knew that she was close to reaching the end of her time with us we were nevertheless shocked this morning to get the call from dad that she...
  6. Jravol78

    Bama -vs- UCLA NCAAT Sweet 16

    Since I am afraid that Alabama is going to be a contender Year in and year out as long as Oats is there and the team that I pull for flamed out in the first round I guess this will have to suffice as the High Point of the NCAA tournament for me. I will let my good friend Nelson here address the...
  7. Jravol78

    Nike, Satan, and UT

    Haha no, my ADD riddled brain actually read it that way at first glance
  8. Jravol78

    Bama -vs- UCLA NCAAT Sweet 16

    4 point play by Bruins during 15-2 run! Up 40-29
  9. Jravol78

    Bama -vs- UCLA NCAAT Sweet 16

    Herbert Jones picked up 2 early fouls and was benched at around the 17:00 mark but Bama bench hung in there. UCLA up 3 with around 3 mins remaining in the 1st half. For the love of all thats holy please pull this off Bruins !
  10. Jravol78

    Ice Cream Time

  11. Jravol78

    Ice Cream Time

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one
  12. Jravol78

    Nike, Satan, and UT

    Sold their soles, bunch of heels, we got some critically acclaimed dad jokes ! As a 43 year old dad myself I am also well heeled in the dad joke . Even though this is not an officially endorsed Nike I had to stop in my tracks when I saw that Nike actually refuted that they were involvEd in...
  13. Jravol78

    Who is Tennessee’s Left Tackle?

    Who is Right Tackle
  14. Jravol78

    Was this a real tweet?

  15. Jravol78

    Kaidon Salter suspended

    In my opinion it’s because dope is really DOPE!
  16. Jravol78

    Will we have enough players to field a team?

    Me too ,I’ll see ya out there . I can throw the pigskin a quarter mile.

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