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  1. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    So that's the best you could come up with? Not surprising coming from someone who wants to stay the course and thinks the best plan of action would be no action.
  2. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    Then go ahead and give a valid excuse for the last three years. Notice that I said excuse, not excuses, singular, only one. Also notice I said valid, not the typical Pruitt apologist, what did you call it, bullshat? Pruitt isn't the answer and the sooner people like you accept it the better...
  3. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    Just when you thought this thread couldn't get any better then this gem shows up.
  4. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    Your argument would be attempting to dispute or agree with the validity of the thread itself, that would be the argument regardless of which side you choose. You're just not very good at this, not at all. You're grasping at anything in attempt to seem educated on the topic but what you put forth...
  5. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    The fact you replied to my opinion says that you do in fact care about my opinion. And if Hallman was not an absolute failure he'd have gotten another head coaching job and if Pruitt was doing what was expected of him he wouldn't be getting asked by the media if Fulmer had given him a vote of...
  6. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    You keep proving my point. If this were a court case you'd get thrown out on your a**. Your argument is illogical, irrelevant and implausible. At some.point you have to back up your claims with evidence or simply state, "in my opinion". So far, you've done neither of those things. So, yet again...
  7. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    I don't need to help him with anything, I'm simply pointing out your ignorance. I mean I don't really HAVE to do that you're doing an excellent job on your own. Once again, your argument is null and void and has absolutely no substance at all. Keep trying, you get as many chances as you want.
  8. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    You have no argument to make, nothing more than a meritless opinion based on nothing of relevance or substance and certainly not one rooted in truth. Keep trying though, it's entertaining watching you struggle to keep up.
  9. JVol76

    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    Your post is exactly like the head coaching careers of Hallman and Pruitt, an absolute failure.
  10. JVol76

    Pruitt Frustrated By Lack of Support

    You just continue to try and push some kind of b.s. narrative that isn't rooted in truth or relevance. Nobody is out of control but people expect someone who is the highest paid state employee to deliver more than what has been given the past 3 years. If it makes you feel good to blame fans for...
  11. JVol76

    Pruitt Frustrated By Lack of Support

    I'll be .ore than happy to help Pruitt pack. Is it harder to win at Tennessee than it is at Alabama, Florida or Georgia? Absolutely but it's been proven in multiple sports that it can be done. The facilities, the support and everything one needs to be successful is here but it takes a real...
  12. JVol76

    Offseason Moves That Need To Happen

    Nobody worth a damn is coming here for a year because IF Pruitt gets another year that's all he'll get. The guy isn't a head coach and prolonging his firing is only prolonging the inevitable. His coaching is head scratching, his player development is a joke and his recruiting ability is highly...
  13. JVol76

    If we lose to TAMU, would Fulmer be forced to make a decision...

    He should pull his head out of his as* and see that the head football coach sucks as*.
  14. JVol76

    Deer Lord

    Perhaps you and your bf, VFL-82-JP, can go discuss your disdain for Kiffin and Freeze over a couple of soy lattes.
  15. JVol76

    Deer Lord

    It's this type of ignorance that has lead to the current situation.
  16. JVol76

    Our next hire....

    Did you tell him he had a five star heart? If not I'm not completely sold on your resume.
  17. JVol76

    If Vandy wins surely you want a new coach right?

    I want a new coach win or lose. We know what Pruitt is and he's simply not head coach material. The longer this drags on the worse it becomes. He needs to go and so does that useless idiot who hired him PLUS gave him a raise and an extension.
  18. JVol76

    AU to fire Malzahn

    That would fit the Tennessee pattern to a T.
  19. JVol76

    Doug Matthews Show

    Doug is part of the good ol' boy network, the establishment. It works the same in sports just like politics and sheep such as yourself will happily follow along bleating when you're told to.
  20. JVol76

    Poll: Replace Pruitt or Major Staff Changes?

    The fact he keeps trotting JG out week after week is enough for me to see he doesn't have a clue what he's doing. Prolonging the inevitable ( which is Pruitt getting fired) isn't going to help anything. He loses games he shouldn't lose, barely wins the winnable games and isn't anywhere close to...

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