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  1. feathersax

    The Official Florida @ Tennessee Game Thread 12:00 PM ET, ESPNU

    Bring on them Bammers & Wade cheaters!:cool:
  2. feathersax

    Top Golf Neyland

    Never knew that Fred played golf.
  3. feathersax

    OWH's Topic That Will Never Die XXIII

  4. feathersax

    We used to be in the top ten in facilities in stories like this.

    Are you hinting that sports "journalists" just might stretch the truth?
  5. feathersax

    New Orleans Saints Hire Jim Chaney As Offensive Analyst

    Your last phrase nailed it.
  6. feathersax

    You guys. . .

    Sad but true.
  7. feathersax

    You guys. . .

    "Every which way but..."
  8. feathersax

    Pick'em - Georgia State - 3/5-3/7

  9. feathersax

    Pick'em Points Update 3/2/2021

    Ditto. It's chilly down in the cellar.:eek:
  10. feathersax

    Pick'em - Austin Peay - 3/3

  11. feathersax

    Could anybody give me a run down on what Coach Matthews said on his show yesterday?

    Tired, redundant response. Bet you didn't even listen. :oops:
  12. feathersax

    Ron Slay - Opportunity to Reset

    Good words from Ron Slay, one of my all-time favorites.
  13. feathersax

    Offense is a red flag

    Panic much?:rolleyes:o_O:p
  14. feathersax

    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    You're enjoying yourself.
  15. feathersax

    What all is "finding their identity" about?

    Those guys never quit.
  16. feathersax

    The Official #15 Tennessee vs Indiana State Weekend Series Thread (GAME 1 Friday @ 4:30PM) (Saturday DH @ 12:30PM) (GAME 4 Sunday @ 1PM)

    Hope Diamond Vols can scratch out a victory today to salvage this bloodbath weekend.:rolleyes:

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