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  1. hillsborovol

    So now what do we do with Steele?

    If Steele doesn't do what we tell him to do, then why can't he be fired for cause without us owing any more money?
  2. hillsborovol

    Josh Heupel: Vol Legend in the Making

    I think it is ok if fans have a positive bias for their own team.
  3. hillsborovol

    More minutes for Nkamhoua

    Compared to who? Fulkerson lost the ball making a drive, threw the ball to a player who wasn't looking for a turnover, and got his shot blocked on a layup when he should have dunked it...all within 1 TV timeout I think. Nkamhoua doesn't get the ball taken away from him very often. Dude is...
  4. hillsborovol

    Complete utter disgrace

    Fulkerson should play about half the minutes that Nkamoua does until he starts shooting better. Fulkerson hasn't hit a shot longer than a 2 footer in 5 games. Barnes left Nkamoua on the bench the entire 2nd half (again). He doesn't get pushed around or get rebounds taken out of his hands...
  5. hillsborovol

    Ty Simpson to Bama

    With all Bama's great talent, they have underwhelmed with QBs in the NFL. Probably their last really good one was Stabler. The rest were marginal, and no long term starters that I can recall off hand.
  6. hillsborovol

    Covid Postponement - South Carolina

    According to the CDC, people can test positive for Covid up to 3 months after they are no longer contagious.
  7. hillsborovol

    Best Vol True Freshman Ever

    You added the great Larry Seivers to Amsler's list, but Larry only played in one game as a Freshman, and then was red-shirted the following year. He had a pair of the greatest hands in Vol history and had great sophomore thru senior seasons, but he was a non-factor as a freshman.
  8. hillsborovol

    Best Vol True Freshman Ever

    Clausen was better than Manning as a freshman in every major statistical category: % completions, passing yards, TDs, TD to INT ratio, record as a starter,...
  9. hillsborovol

    Best Vol True Freshman Ever

    If not for his criminal behavior, Janzen Jackson would be in the conversation.
  10. hillsborovol

    Best Vol True Freshman Ever

    I don't think that Cafego was on the varsity squad as a freshman.
  11. hillsborovol

    Players that took money

    The IRS gift exclusion has been increased to $15,000.
  12. hillsborovol


    On a positive note, he seems to be an outstanding teammate. He genuinely seems to celebrate other players successes by standing and cheering.
  13. hillsborovol

    Danny White

    Could one of the doubters please recommend a better AD that we could have hired? I vaguely knew some of the family history before he was hired. He was ranked #4 AD in the country by Stadium.
  14. hillsborovol

    2013 John Adams Article

    Anyone that has been continually negative over the past 15 or so years will appear to have insight when all they ever had was coincidence.
  15. hillsborovol

    JJJ, Springer, Johnson

    Springer and Johnson need another year to develop their outside shot, and to develop a better handle. JJJ could benefit from off-season shot development too.
  16. hillsborovol

    When to start worrying?

    Is there any chance that the announcement of new staff will coincide with the end of some of the previous staff's contracts? If so, then we may hear something tomorrow (Feb 1st).
  17. hillsborovol


    He has made strides even during the season. Can't wait to watch him the next 2 or maybe 3 years.
  18. hillsborovol

    You can’t blame Philip Fulmer for anything

    Without the totally undeserved contract extension and raise that he gave to Pruitt, UT would have just fired Pruitt, gave him the buyout, and not publicized the infractions. We would have had more interest from bigger names in the coaching search. This doesn't mean we would have gotten a...
  19. hillsborovol

    Heupel, separated at birth?

    You are kidding, right? Just look at those hats... they look nearly identical!

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