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  1. Cartervol

    You guys. . .

    Fixing the QB position will go a long way toward putting something on the field that resembles offense. It all centers with that position. Leadership, production, actually moving the chains consistently would be a nice change.
  2. Cartervol

    Can football season start this Saturday

    Why? I mean the offseason drama and whatever idiotic moves coming from the administration are the most interesting stuff. The season is usually a letdown anymore..
  3. Cartervol

    How important is Tennessee football in your life ?

    Been watching since T-Rob was QB. In my 40's. Not nearly as important as it used to be.. Age and the mismanagement of the program since Dickey has made it a lot less important. It's hard to get excited when you know you don't have much chance of beating certain teams. I'd settle for not getting...
  4. Cartervol

    UT would have gone 6-6 if they'd played a normal schedule last year....

    They may have gone 6-6 but i think we had already seen enough to know UT was going nowhere with Pruitt as Head coach. The QB situation did him in, that and meddling in things he should have left to his overpaid staff.
  5. Cartervol

    Jay Graham buys into Bammer

    May go on for a long time still. Bammers are all in with football.. UT just hopes you'll still buy tickets..
  6. Cartervol

    Cold hard truth

    No low post presence. Going to be tough to go very far in either tournament. Teams just pack it in and wait til we get cold from the perimeter. Fulkerson just isn't much of a offensive threat and gets pushed under the basket too much. This team needs to run run run. It's their only chance to go...
  7. Cartervol

    Aaron Hayden likes hire

    He'll be a backup at best at Bama. He'll never start there. Head on out. Bama has plenty of cash to hand out without anyone saying a damn thing.
  8. Cartervol

    What was our problem the last few years?

    We didn't have much of a leader at QB... You lead by example and his was a poor example. Leadership period seemed to be in short supply. Hopefully this guy understands you have to have a few of those on every team.
  9. Cartervol

    NCAA Will Hammer VOLS

    The way i see it is the NCAA shouldn't do anything to the Vols. They have a administration that has effectively killed the football program without any outside help.
  10. Cartervol

    Season tickets $300 without contribution

    I was hoping for a few Sham Wows.. Those things are awesome. Not really but it sounded good.
  11. Cartervol

    Tennessee football is bigger than many of you realize

    Tennessee stays in the news for all the wrong reasons anymore.
  12. Cartervol

    What if?

    No choice but to support him. This job is a uphill battle anymore. Internal power struggle and some mindboggling decisions by those people have made this a unattractive job to anyone worth their salt.. I applaud Heupel for taking it on. He has his work cut out for him.
  13. Cartervol

    If a Saban Crony couldn't right the ship, why would we expect an AAC coach to do it?

    Saban cronies figure out you can't cheat at that level just anywhere when they leave the cesspool of Tuscaloosa, you get caught and exposed for the average coach you are. In Pruitt's case not even average.
  14. Cartervol

    Zero emotions

    Worst part is it was all self inflicted.
  15. Cartervol

    Season tickets $300 without contribution

    They may have to just give them away before long.
  16. Cartervol

    Bigger Disappointment?

    Right now the Basketvols.. They were supposed to be really good. You don't lose to a bad Ole Miss squad if you're really good. Not even going to get close to the SEC title.
  17. Cartervol

    Summary of scholarship players leaving

    Crouch should be a RB anyway. Henry T will be missed, although i might could get loose behind him for a pass or two and i'm in my 40"s...
  18. Cartervol

    Poll: What’s everyone’s take on the hire. Are you

    I just watch the games in a numb trance anymore, til i can't take it anymore and turn it off.
  19. Cartervol

    Why are starters leaving to ride pine at OU?

    Lawrence may see more playing time than the other two. Grey isn't a every down back but could be a useful utility guy, just don't ask him to block anyone because he won't.. If Morris gets on the field it will be at guard where he should be anyway.
  20. Cartervol

    Why are starters leaving to ride pine at OU?

    Because their administration isn't stupid enough to go on national TV and tell on themselves for something that happens just about everywhere.

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