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  1. SDV

    Friday weigh in thread

    199.8 - up 5 lbs - I was bad on S-Monday. Tried to catch up T-Th, but not enough. Hopefully next Friday is better
  2. SDV

    Prayers needed 🙏

    Sending prayers to you and your dad. Cherish every last minute with him
  3. SDV

    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

  4. SDV

    Who will be the first commit to CJH?

    Don’t believe the Heup
  5. SDV

    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

    Buckle up
  6. SDV

    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

    Let’s face it. It’s gonna be a rough few years on Rocky Top. Like we’ve never seen before. And that’s saying something.
  7. SDV

    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    Absolutely not! Would you rather trade places with Kentucky? Barnes is a great coach. He just needs to light a fire under their asses
  8. SDV

    Ty Simpson to Bama

    Arch to The Hill
  9. SDV

    Friday weigh in thread

    194.6 - down 1lb from yesterday. Weighed in after I dropped the kids off at the pool
  10. SDV

    Friday weigh in thread

    Breakfast of Champions
  11. SDV

    Official Nashville Predators Thread

    Need to blow up this team and start over. We are so bad
  12. SDV

    Friday weigh in thread

  13. SDV

    Friday weigh in thread

    I do every time!
  14. SDV

    Friday weigh in thread

    195.6 - down 2.4 lbs - I’ll see if I can get lower tomorrow
  15. SDV

    VolNation list (like Craigslist for VN)

  16. SDV

    What was it like attending UT in 1998?

    Went from 1994-1999. This thread brings back so many wonderful memories of the 1998 season and overall experience at UT during that general timeframe. It was truly a wonderful time to be a student there. The campus was electric
  17. SDV

    OU WR Spencer Jones

    Didn’t know Jones was from Nashville. Read that he played at Franklin Road Academy
  18. SDV

    Friday weigh in thread

    198 - having a tough time saying consistently under my calories
  19. SDV

    Man boobies-Why are so many coaches out of shape?

    It would be hard to take Chaney serious
  20. SDV

    What did you have for dinner II?

    Sweet Italian Sausage, zucchini noodles and peas.

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