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    This has been a good year

    I agree.
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    This has been a good year

    Despite some considerable lack of play in the post, this team has played well enough to have been favored in every game. We are getting spoiled - how many other teams have stayed in the top 25 for the whole year? I can not remember another UT team, can you?? It is frustrating bc they...
  3. J

    Vols out of Coaches Top 25

    This team will get motivated enough to make the s 16. I hope
  4. J

    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    This team is so inconsistent, I would not rank them in the top 25. Dont blame Barnes , maybe Covid is having an effect on these boys.
  5. J

    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    THAT must be a joke.
  6. J

    Well we're back to normal

    Blowing layups has nothing to do with effort and fight.
  7. J

    Well we're back to normal

    I am afraid that the first team we play in the NCAA that has really quick guards will beat us. The lack of fight at times is discouraging- JOHNSON is the only one with mental and physical toughness. What is wrong with Fulky- he has regressed - maybe Covid-19?
  8. J

    Barnes offense is hot trash.....

    Is Fulky hurt? He is half the player he was last year. The shooting is horrible and this is a final 16 team at best. Lack of toughness and hustle has been common- think Covid has something to do with all this?
  9. J

    How many have entered the fan transfer portal?

    If u had lots of green and she was ugly- might work out.
  10. J

    I have seen this movie before

    This was not the methodical, exhaustive search that I had hoped for. How many times do we go fast, cheap and low-ball on these hires and end up with a mediocre coach that we could have had at any point and SURPRISE , it blows up in our face in 3-4 painful ( and foreseeable ) years...
  11. J

    Josh Heupel emerges

    I am not impressed. James Franklin was my hope.
  12. J

    Pruitt Fired for Cause. No buyout. Fulmer retiring.

    Why is everything at UT so on the wrong foot, complicated and ill-timed ? We are the joke of power -5 football ! This is the worst time of the year to hire new people and I have every confidence this will be a disaster, AGAIN. We cant hire Freeze when we are already in trouble...
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    Marvin West on the problem we are in

    Marvin speaks logic and facts.
  14. J

    Wanya Morris In the transfer portal

    Terrible pass blocker- no big loss.
  15. J

    Matt Rhule

  16. J

    Football Program Under Investigation [merged]

    THINGS I know are true: 1. Pruitt is not a head coach. 2. Fulmer has a big ego. 3. The team is making the same mistakes today as in game 1. 4. Freeze is good at cheating - at least for a while. 5. It looks as if we will never get back to the level of Bama and Fla. 6. We cheat and still...
  17. J

    So what was pruitt to do......

    Pruitt hired Chaney, ie, it is Pruitts baby.
  18. J

    AU to fire Malzahn

    That is a 21 Million dollar buyout-just for him. Does not include other coaches. If they can afford it-why not us?, Put the 100 million in renovations on hold. I dont think they will do it.
  19. J

    Fire Pruitt?

    yes . Players are there but dont develope.

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