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    '22 OH QB Drew Allar

    ND 247
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    Funny Ekeler article

    Wasn’t him, was Thomas Brown. CRB, Coach Red Bull, likeable dude
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    2021 Fan Allowance?

    All they have to use is the CDC if they want to provide evidence on games being safe. CDC, with the NFL, said not ONE single Covid case could be traced to attending a football game,
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    Defense staff finished - Mike Ekeler Def/ST

    Nice guy, little crazy, but nice guy. Drinks Red Bull all day, his mini fridge is all Red Bull. If you want the actual guy who went after Pruitt, you will need to go get Thomas Brown, now AHC to the Rams. Brown of course played for Richt and didn’t let Pruitt disrespect ‘his coach’. I’m sure...
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    The McDonald's bags weren't that BAD

    ALL football players eat McD’s? I haven’t ate at a McD in forever. I did however sit beside a group of softball players at Logan’s this weekend.
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    Josh Heupel: Vol Legend in the Making

    People said the same worrying Pruitt would leave, then they were worried he wouldn’t leave.
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    When Is Spring Practice Scheduled?

    NFL HOF chairman says he expects the HOF game to be max capacity, full house. Other SEC teams are saying they are allowing fans in. Also it was released not a single Covid case was traced back to fans in the stands of a football game. Over 70% decline in Covid in just six weeks and Drs from John...
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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson (Alabama commit)

    He is doing it now so his dad can focus on his season and not worry about his son’s recruitment. His dad’s team begins play this weekend against Murray State.
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    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

    For those worried about a QB playing baseball, I present to you...
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    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

    He’s originally from Florida, Tallahassee area specifically, where his family lives.
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    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

    Hunter is done. No such thing as 100 in recruiting, Hunter is as close as it gets. He can make a case for #1 player in 2022 class.
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    '22 TN RB Jordan James

    Yes And yeah, basically Wanya ended up TN/AU, from my understanding, AU was 3rd. It was 1. TN 2. TN 3. AU It wasn’t really close for Wanya
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    '22 TN RB Jordan James

    UGA wanted Keyton, had him visit a few times, was at Ga 2-3 weeks before he committed IIRC. Even tried to flip him, he visited as a TN commit. Interested in Wanya too, he visited, he just wasn’t interested in UGA.
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    '22 TN RB Jordan James

    Its went both ways I think. Keyton, Morris is just a couple off top of my head. On James, academics playing a big role. How does UT rank in biology? Think he stays in state (as well as others) is Simpson picks UT. The fact Simpson has tried this hard to keep it close to the vest to create...
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    '22 TN RB Jordan James

    Or TN, he says that’s the top 2. Wants to major in Biology. Think he visits both before deciding.
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    USA Today Poll finds 58% of Republicans believe Capitol Riot was organized by Antifa

    Read your responses in this thread to yourself or just say them out loud, you are crazier than the ones you claim are delusional.
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    '22 TN RB Jordan James

    Commitment timeline is spring, most think in March
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    NCAA Sanctions............

    If the NCAA moves swiftly on this, it will be the first time they ever did. That is part of the problem, maybe the biggest, is the waiting game and it hurting recruiting by hanging over the program. For reference, from the day it was started to the case being closed, NCAA took over SIX years on...
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    Vols flip Gooch from AUB!

    Seniors coming back is perfect timing for UT. As far as transfers, probably one or two spots left for this year. Signed 21, even tho 3 were released, they still count as initial counters and count against your 25. 2 guys have transferred in, 3 if you count Big Kat but doubt he signed. That...

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