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  1. Pride85

    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

    Then I guess we are doomed.
  2. Pride85

    The Official #25 Tennessee @ Auburn Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I absolutely love this fan base. Who on earth would want to play in front of the whiney, unfaithful non fans that some of the posters fit into. It doesn't matter which team, some of the "fans" on this site bash them continually. I guess it will take a melt down of the entire AD with a self...
  3. Pride85

    UTAD had $28 million deficit this year

    A $28 million deficit is not much considering. I am sue when they submitted the AD budget for last year, it is highly likely they were not expecting a large drop in income due to COVID. I am sure they make more than $28 million in revenue in a normal year. Also, this is for the entire AD...
  4. Pride85

    The Official #25 Tennessee @ Vanderbilt Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Man, don't let BVS get the best of you. This team is not done.
  5. Pride85

    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    I am sure the Athletic department will get right on that.
  6. Pride85

    Tim Banks Officially Announced As DC

    I am so glad the legion of the miserable have something to keep their obsession intact.
  7. Pride85

    Crouch and maybe Henry T to go thru spring practice and evaluate

    Or maybe it is a snap reaction to a bad situation. Who knows how bad things got in the locker room. Could it be that things were said by the outgoing staff that did not settle well with two of the elite players that were recruited? There were several uncomplimtery posts about both players on...
  8. Pride85

    Crouch and maybe Henry T to go thru spring practice and evaluate

    So you are sure that the father acted at the behest of the son. Papa T may have expressed his feelings about UT and not his son's. How eager some of this fan base is to turn the players.
  9. Pride85

    I thought the DC is usually hired first?

    For all we know, this DC candidate was the top pick all along and the staff has been courted based on parameters he set. No one on this board knows who was actually being pursued by the AD, only a bunch of pie in the sky baloney.
  10. Pride85

    Full Offensive Staff Announced

    Or maybe it didn't take a huge bankroll for him to want the job. I seriously doubt the new AD would hire someone having no confidence in him. I have a feeling CJH was higher on the HC board than some on here want to believe. It was the typical pie in the sky approach from this sometimes...
  11. Pride85


    Something comes to mind involving kettles and pots. A fan boy is a fan boy no matter who they are a fan of.
  12. Pride85

    Our football is going to fly like a bird in 2021

    If only some posts could follow.
  13. Pride85

    Kaiden Salter annointed as next Deshaun Watson

    You forgot his inability to compensate for an offensive line that thought 1.5 seconds was long enough to hold a pass block.
  14. Pride85

    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    What are you even trying to say? If this is not blue font, then we should forego hiring a defensive coordinator and try to create a couple of edge rushers? In what plane of existence does this make sense? Should said edge rushers call the plays? If Big Cat actually does transfer to us, there...
  15. Pride85

    Crouch and maybe Henry T to go thru spring practice and evaluate

    What would prevent them from stepping out of the portal, only to flip back at the last minute? I truly do not think it matters. At the very least, HT is an important member of the defense. Should he really be held accountable for a comment made by his dad? There s a high probability HT had...
  16. Pride85

    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    Then we have at least a full year of negative material from you about the defense; whether they are successful or not?
  17. Pride85


    Who you calling fan boys you malzahn mutt?
  18. Pride85

    Possible New Staff???

    Don't know what you are basing that on, but you are incorrect with that assessment of his defensive results.
  19. Pride85

    Full Offensive Staff Announced

    And it still seems the logical step to ensure that the offensive coaches understand the offense during what will be a difficult transition year. Does it really make sense to go and get the "big name" offensive "gurus" only to have them fall flat because they have to absorb the complicated...
  20. Pride85

    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    Did you forget the blue font, or did you just not read the article? He has experience at DC at more than one location.

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