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  1. 1orangews6

    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    I got the coronas.....familiar. Several cases of it since the bottled water was all gone.
  2. 1orangews6

    Stock Market Jeeters vs Tennessee Football fallout (Corona Crash).

    The person you quoted said "leaders" not the singular form but don't let that stop you.
  3. 1orangews6

    Stock Market Jeeters vs Tennessee Football fallout (Corona Crash).

    So basically people should use common freakin sense and crap that everyone should be taught to do? I don't shake people's hand much anymore especially at places like the gym. They get the fist bump.
  4. 1orangews6

    '20 AL ATH Camryn Beckwith (PWO)

    Glad to see the young man really likes being in Knoxville. I know I do when I visit family. I hope his brother will feel the same.
  5. 1orangews6

    Darrell Taylor's message to Volnation

    Love these young men for giving their all for Tennessee. They have played their butts off and played with team effort!
  6. 1orangews6

    OBJ handing out cash

    I don't know if the NFL does any economic classes or has any financial educational services for their players but a lot of the need it. They need to tell the KIDS the the NFL also stands for Not. For. Long. with their professional careers. I watch a show on TV about Shaquille O'Neal (NBA I know)...
  7. 1orangews6

    New lockers

    I laughed when I saw this picture in that link. Sure looks like their throwing up the VOLS sign.
  8. 1orangews6

    Watch THIS...

  9. 1orangews6

    Watch THIS...

    Wow, this young man is the type of player that we need more of. He played smart and played his heart out.
  10. 1orangews6

    Butch jones

    I wouldn't wish Butch Jones on anyone except on anyone except for Florida or Alabama
  11. 1orangews6

    Hoosier coach got his wish!

    Their QB play was the only reason they were even in the game and we still won. If we had better a QB we would have won by several TDs. They found out Hoosier Daddy was.
  12. 1orangews6

    Mississippi State has fired Moorhead

    A State friend of mine wants them to go after Joe Brady. Every State fan I know including my wife wanted Moorehead gone.
  13. 1orangews6

    Gator Bowl game threads from the Indiana perspective

    Give props to " TheWadShot" poster for calling the final score. Pretty prophetic in my opinion.
  14. 1orangews6

    Gator Bowl Hype Video

    Point me to the brick wall that needs to be run through. LET'S GO!!!!!
  15. 1orangews6

    It’s Almost Time...........Enjoy

    I hope the team is ready to send the Seniors out with a big fat W
  16. 1orangews6

    Show off your orange Christmas presents

    Got some VOL gear. Got 3 hooddies and multiple shirts both long and short sleeve.
  17. 1orangews6

    '20 LA CB Daran Branch (Ole Miss commit)

    Those keyboard warriors are badasses
  18. 1orangews6

    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    Lived in the last subdivision with an HOA but it wasn't that bad $200 a year and no one bothered you or had junk houses. The new subdivision I live in doesn't have an HOA but I keep getting letters about me parking my Jeep on the street. On top of that some of the busybodies keep wanting us to...

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