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  1. dobre_shunka

    2021 NFL Offseason Thread

    On the auction block: A most unusual but intriguing and important piece of football history, this plastic holder was where Pittsburgh Steelers star Jack Lambert put his false teeth before each game. Some of the most recognizable photos of Lambert on the gridiron are of his menacing grimace...
  2. dobre_shunka

    Best SEC Town/City (other than KnoxVegas)

    Apparently you've never visited Columbia, SC
  3. dobre_shunka

    What was it like attending UT in 1998?

    How about a trip even farther back? In 1985, the student Sugar Bowl tickets were going to be sold from the ticket office in Stokely. People were camped out on the sidewalk overnight in front of Stokely waiting for them to go on sale at 8 AM. As the time got closer, the line was getting pretty...
  4. dobre_shunka

    The Vols Week 3 opponent, Tennessee Tech, plays Murray State on ESPN+ 3pm Sunday 3/14(Updated)

    Reading this reminded me the Ivy League was to play football also this spring. Apparently last week they cancelled all spring 2021 sports including the postponed 2020 football season
  5. dobre_shunka

    American Football Coaches Association asks NCAA Rules Committee to address Players Faking Injuries

    Will this apply for all players or just the defense? Say the QB drops back and gets rocked and comes out for a play. Is he forced to sit for more than the current one play? What if the officials force a player to the sideline after a hard hit for a concussion check (that happened to Jennings at...
  6. dobre_shunka

    DC hire getting out of hand.

    Why only a white one? Black turds matter.
  7. dobre_shunka

    How old is Chavis now

    Monte Kiffin
  8. dobre_shunka

    Why is Dale Jones Never Mentioned....

    I have heard he was loyal to Majors and still has issues with the university over Fulmer taking the HC position from Johnny.
  9. dobre_shunka

    The effort DW puts into secrecy

    Sounds like someone needs to leave his ego at the door
  10. dobre_shunka

    The effort DW puts into secrecy

    And what's the benefit of saying that? If you're looking for a new job, do you add to your resume every interview you had that didn't lead to an offer ? Or when asking for date, do you proclaim all of the rejections you had before?
  11. dobre_shunka

    Best Decade of NFL Football? (Poll)

    Mel Blount agrees. Jack Splat would also like to add this. The explosion of instant replay has irreparably damaged the game to the point even Mike Pereia now says it has gone too far.
  12. dobre_shunka

    Henry T to alabama (potentially)

    This could be an interesting case if he decides to go to Bama or another SEC school. Players are allowed to transfer in conference and play immediately if the school is facing NCAA sanctions. However if the rumors are true and him taking cash is one of the things that will bring on NCAA...
  13. dobre_shunka

    Cuban/Mavericks Stop Playing National Anthem

    With Biden in the White House now, China is willing to let this one slide.
  14. dobre_shunka

    Anyone Debating going to Canton for Peyton?

    That's supposed to sweeten the deal?
  15. dobre_shunka

    Anyone Debating going to Canton for Peyton?

    Just because it should be doesn't mean it will be.
  16. dobre_shunka

    Super Bowl LV Thread, 6:30 PM ET (2/7/21), CBS

    Tom Brady Called 'Racist' on Social Media for Winning Super Bowl During Black History Month
  17. dobre_shunka

    Anyone Debating going to Canton for Peyton?

    I'd be surprised if the ceremony is open to the general public. My guess is invited friends, family, teammates, and NFL/team staff
  18. dobre_shunka

    Question for former UT alumni.

    Not paying parking tickets.
  19. dobre_shunka

    ESPN is hot trash

    You may recognize the name Myron Cope based on your icon. Myron realized when he was slipping as a broadcaster and retired honorably. That Vitale doesn't recognize he has long, long passed his time is on him.
  20. dobre_shunka

    Smokey Gives Paw Of Approval To AD Hire

    Those guidelines are for the university. The athletic department has different guidelines. For example the power T by itself is for the UTAD. The university will use the power T also but it has to be set in a contrasting square like this:

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