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  1. KKruzVFL

    New Name: PJ Fleck Being Vetted

    Would be a great hire if we get him. He’s young give him some time he would get us back to competing in the east.
  2. KKruzVFL

    No more Bama/Florida people, EVER!!!!!!!

    I agree we have had no luck with them
  3. KKruzVFL

    Pruitt Fired for Cause. No buyout. Fulmer retiring.

    Hopefully new blood comes into the program. We need some fresh eyes!
  4. KKruzVFL

    Jeff Fisher comments on interest in the UT job

    I would take Fisher any day. He would be a solid hire. He was a great coach for the Titans and I think he would stabilize the program. His NFL experience would attract a lot of great recruits to come to Tennessee and I think he would hire an excellent staff.
  5. KKruzVFL

    Tennessee has no shooters

    This will be our downfall this year. We play good defense and have a descent post game but we don’t have any consistent shooters this year. We will see how the year plays out but I don’t see a pure one on the team.
  6. KKruzVFL

    Mock 2021 schedule

  7. KKruzVFL

    What is going on?

  8. KKruzVFL

    Reality of our Players

    Our recruiting rankings are top 10 to 15 every year. We should have the talent to compete. We just keep hiring coaches that can’t coach.
  9. KKruzVFL

    Well what about this?? (Fulmer on bowl game)

    This is ridiculous that Fulmer is keeping him around. UT football is a joke
  10. KKruzVFL

    Why hasn’t Bama been investigated during this run

    Well the coaches we got from them have all been scrubs and Saban went 15-17 with the dolphins and couldn’t make it in the NFL. I know he’s a great college coach and Alabama is making the NCAA a lot of money but it’s kind of obvious that they are doing shady things there. I know for a fact that...
  11. KKruzVFL

    Why hasn’t Bama been investigated during this run

    If you look at all the teams that have won NC over the last 25 years none have maintained the consistent dominance that Alabama has had. USC, Miami, Florida, Texas, Ohio State and LSU this year fell off because of either an investigation by the NCAA or players going to the NFL. With the...
  12. KKruzVFL

    Deer Lord

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