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  1. Burhead

    East Tennessee Weather II

    Plus we had a little ice last week too not whole lot but some and its been bitterly cold with real temps and wind chills at or below zero. We're going to tie record of 9 straight days of below freezing temps by this weekend which hasn't been done since 1899 and 1940.
  2. Burhead

    East Tennessee Weather II

    Snow has started again here in West TN, calling for 4-6".
  3. Burhead

    Official Nashville Predators Thread

    Been tough trying to keep up with them without being able to watch the games but I agree with everyone else time to blow up the roster. They just couldn't recapture the spark they had during the Cup run.
  4. Burhead

    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    Not much of a surprise but J-Rob said during his presser today that we have had contact with Watt and that we'll see where it goes.
  5. Burhead

    Da Reds Thread 2

    Whelp the season is getting close to starting. Honestly my excitement levels are no where close to what they were last year. I'm just hoping to see a competitive team that has a shot at the playoffs.
  6. Burhead

    East Tennessee Weather II

    Just went out and measured here and it looks like right at 5 inches. Guess we will see what later this week brings but I'm loving it.
  7. Burhead

    East Tennessee Weather II

    So what are the models showing for the Wednesday/Thursday event? NWS is saying possibly 1-3" Wednesday and another 2-4" Wednesday night and possibly more Thursday. It looks like that storm may be more snow/freezing rain.
  8. Burhead

    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    Him and Favre were my favorite QBs as a kid loved their toughness and grit.
  9. Burhead

    East Tennessee Weather II

    NWS is saying 3-5 but I've seen some say more. Plus we got another chance Wednesday into Thursday too but I'm not sure how worried they are about that threat.
  10. Burhead

    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    Not that I think it will happen (I think he goes to Pittsburgh with his bros) but I wonder how much the Titans and Vrabel will be in on the JJ Watt sweepstakes.
  11. Burhead

    East Tennessee Weather II

    NWS Memphis just put up a graphic calling for .36" of ice for my area in Tipton. Edit: You think it could be more than that?
  12. Burhead

    The Official NASCAR Talk Thread

    For that are interested the Rolex 24 starts at 3:30 ET. Chase Elliott's team (#31 DPi) will start on the pole, other NASCAR drives in the field are Jimmie Johnson in the #48 DPi, Austin Dillon in the #51 LMP2 car, and AJ Allmendinger in the #60 DPi.
  13. Burhead

    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    I'm not sure that is entirely accurate. Of all of Bill's people (I know he didn't coach with him but still) Vrabel and J-Rob has had the most success so far. 3 straight winning seasons, back to back playoff appearances (could have been 3 had we won week 17 in 2018), and now has added a division...
  14. Burhead

    We hired the best available Head Coach in America

    Tom Herman is 32-18 at a P5 school and went 22-4 with Houston and heck Gus Malzahn was sitting out there too and never had a losing record in the SEC and has actually beaten Alabama and Georgia before.
  15. Burhead

    Get Behind Coach Heupel

    Quit with the true fan nonsense. Anyone who still wears orange at this put in our history has stuck through a lot but everyone has their breaking points.
  16. Burhead

    Get Behind Coach Heupel

    After taking over for Frost who went 13-0 his coaching record has went down each year he was there. Did he win with Frost's recruits and couldn't sustain it?
  17. Burhead

    Get Behind Coach Heupel

    No. I'm done handing out blind loyalty to coaches.
  18. Burhead

    Heupel to be announced per 247

    When do we fire up the 2024/2025 coaching search?
  19. Burhead

    Official grief thread

    Never thought I'd see the day when I officially give up on the Vols but today is that day until the top level administration give a damn about winning why should I?
  20. Burhead

    Link to presser 1/18 at 3:00 Eastern; now live on WNML, SECN, others?

    9-37 as HC, no he doesn't deserve our support.

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