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    Fake HS Tricks ESPN Loses To IMG 58-0

    I have a friend on this school board (not the one reading the names). That county was once one of the best in the state. They’ve fallen all over themselves in any way you possibly could since COVID started (not really the school board’s fault). This prank was just 1 more humiliating thing in a...
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    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    Without having to carry the brunt of the point guard duties, I expect SV's %'s to go up too.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    So far, of the really good players who are currently now D1 coaches, Juwan Howard appears to be the only good one. There are extremely few examples of success stories going that route. It's just really tough to be both. If I was Memphis, I'd have Penny the head coach in title only and leave the...
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    Let's hope it's going pro or Miami.
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    (Updated 7/13) 2021 MLB Draft and Roster Management Discussion Thread

    He's already said he's coming to campus.
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    (Updated 7/13) 2021 MLB Draft and Roster Management Discussion Thread

    Is Round 12 good enough for him that he'll leave? I know he loses a lot of leverage by returning to school, but I think he's good enough that he could improve his draft position.
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    Kennedy Chandler has dunk mishap…scary..

    A friend of mine dunked on his 6 foot hoop and his 2 front teeth got caught in the net. They were parallel to the ground. That was a haunting image!
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    Musselman mastered the transfer portal before that even existed.
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    The Tennessee Ballinteers

    TBT roster lists him at 6'9. Looks like he's had a pretty successful int'l career compared to what he did at UT. He's a big dude, no doubt, so maybe his girth alone will give Haas and Hammons some trouble. And Chism is one of my favorite all-time Vols, so don't think I'm knocking him. I'm...
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    The Tennessee Ballinteers

    Our team would have been really good 5-7 years ago. But our youngest player has old man shoulders, and the rest are pushing mid-30's. Hopefully Lofton and JaJuan are draining 3's, because we don't have anybody over 6'9 to match the multiple 7'0+ trees Purdue will throw at us.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    Neither Kentucky or Tennessee run an up-tempo offense. Since 2002, a team led by Rick Barnes has been in the top 50 of tempo exactly once. Over the last 4 years, including the 2019 season when we finished 3rd in Adj O, we've averaged being around #250 in tempo. You're right that Kentucky doesn't...
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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Jenis also had excruciating adversity aside from the physical. He was a really good dude. Used to eat lunch with him some in the Gibbs cafeteria.
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    '22 TN PG Brian Edwards Jr. (BJ Edwards) (Tennessee commit)

    I mean, I don't think we're going to get JH-S either, but it has nothing to do with Edwards. I just think Wallace is a higher priority, and I think he's going to be a Vol.
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    Finalists for LSU job

    He's not going to leave us for Vandy.

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