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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    UT: 31 Mizz: 20 220 passing yards
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    Cade Mays WNML Comment

    With the SEC office being in Birmingham, you may be correct that it takes 4 days to count to 14.
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    Who was a pleasant surprise for you?

    Ok, whew. I was like, this dude is going to come kill me in my sleep for saying that.
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    Who was a pleasant surprise for you?

    VFF’s wife was going to be my answer too.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: South Carolina

    Yes. There was 1 other that got the score exactly right, but this one was closer on the tiebreaker.
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    Official participation report, South Carolina

    Baron really stood out. He was in their backfield a lot.
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    ***Breaking News 9/30*** Cade Mays CLEARED (NCAA AND SEC)

    Your idea of a conference that doesn't show favoritism towards a certain school is the Big 12?
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    ‘21 GA PF Jabari Smith

    I’m more of a Christianity Today kind of guy 😀
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    Former UT commit & Sevier County star Dorian Banks murdered

    Don't want to get into the politics here because I'm so tired of that crap, but what exactly would they be protesting in regards to the life of Dorian Banks? Are the people who killed him still free on the streets? It seems like justice is taking its proper course here. Black on black crime is a...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: South Carolina

    Tennessee - 19 South Carolina - 20 220 rushing yards
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    RIP Bubble Watch Threads

    Cuonzo Martin wholeheartedly endorses this plan.
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    Did Grant get released from Celtics or just not getting to play?

    He’s a 21 year old rookie on a deep team. Let’s not kick him out of the league yet. His stat line was empty today, but he had several nice defensive possessions. He’s not being asked to score - just play good defense, set screens, and box out. He’s primarily been shooting 3’s when he does...
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    2022 TN Forward Brandon Huntley-Hatfield

    sounds like Huntley-Hatfield is leaning towards staying in the '22 class. Certainly not a done deal, but at one point I thought he was for sure going to reclassify. SIAP, but this is from an SI interview from a few weeks ago... "I also want to address the rumors going around that I’m going to...

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