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    Prayers request for my granddaughter again

    Prayers sent for her!!
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    Bank It!

    Best defensive player on the team!
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    Bowl Games!!

    Of all the 39 Bowl games,the Music City Bowl was picked #3! Bowl Rankings: Classic Bowls 3. TransPerfect Music City Bowl Purdue 48, Tennessee 45 OT Pre-Bowl Matchup Ranking: 12 Post-Bowl Ranking: 2020: NA, 2019: 22 – 5 Thoughts: TransPerfect Music City Bowl Analysis This was a (Trans)perfect...
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    SEC: 0-4 So Far in Bowl Season

    Not a great start for the SEC in the Bowl games but planning on the rest of them to win.Florida,Mizzou,Auburn and Miss St all losers!Itruly hope that Georiga is another loser!I know this wont be popular among Tennessee fans but I hope Bama wins.
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    Tillman coming back! Hoo Ahh! Boom!

    Great news,I believe Cedric came back because Hendon came back!Anyway,I'm sure glad they both came back!
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    Announcers For Vols Games!

    You ever notice the announcers for Tennessee games always will mention several times during the game if opposing teams have a starter missing from the game,it seems to be that hardly ever mention if Tennessee has starters missing.Wondering just how many times they will mention that Purdue has...
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    Early Signing Day!

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    Early Signing Day!

    Who is gonna be glued in Wed. morning on the early Signing.The coverage will be on the SEC network begining at 11'oclock to 2'oclock.Dont sound to good about a few recruits we lost out on!!
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    Playoff Picks!

    I really dont see Georiga falling to the #4 spot but its sure very possible! Most have Bama as #1 and its very possible between Bama and Michigan to be #1,
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    Playoff Picks!

    I really dont see Georiga falling to the #4 spot but its sure very possible!
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    Middle tier

    I agree!
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    Playoff Picks!

    #1 Michigan vs #4 Cincinatti #2 Alabama vs #3 Georiga Agree or disagree?
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    Tennessee Vols Christmas Gifts!

    Who all are buying Vols gear for presents to others or for themselves?I have already bought a Tennessee sweatshirt this season and maybe some more on Fanatic's website on Black Friday sales!
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    Vols finish 7-5–how do you grade Huepel’s first season?

    I will give him a A++ if he wins the next two games to finish 7-5.He had very little to work with in a very short time,especially with all the turnover and injuries our players had!We finally have a coach who knows how to actually coach players up!!

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