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    Can Someone Remind Me Why We Are So Worried About WVU Again?!?

    I understand people are going to think im like crazy here,but I keep getting this feeling this is like the cal game! They were ranked pretty high;it was 35 -0 before you could blink an eye!I know im dreaming,but geez that would be one heck of a way to start the season!
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    Josh Smith signs with Saints

    hey happy for the guy;the more ut players in the nfl the better!
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    '19 TN OL Melvin McBride (Tennessee signee)

    Is the guy any relation to turk?
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    Not ready to lose all hope

    Need to make a qb change;like now!
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    Final Record Prediction!

    Looking how florida played;i was going 8-4 now id say 9-3! with bowl win get to ten wins;which should be the norm!Next season guys we will be really good! id say we go 11-1 play bama twice! go vols!
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    Paul Finebaum

    I live in Alabama;the fans here didn't have any thought about Alabama being great when shula was here! they had one season where they won 10 games! ill say this and I know ill get bashed for this;if saban is the best coach over the past 25 yrs why didn't he win with shulas players his first yr...
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    '18 SC punter Skylar Delong

    wow;i kinda knew this was coming!
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    '19 AL QB Bo Nix

    i went to school with his dad;and grandfather was my science teacher at etowah high school!i would be shockedif he didnt go to auburn;that family is all war eagle!i hope im wrong tho!
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    What Uni does the team choose?

    all orange i bet.go vols go
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    tennessee 27 florida 20 malone 67 yds.
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: Ohio

    ut 45 -17 dobbs has 185 passing.
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: Virginia Tech

    tennessee 24 up 135 rushing yards.
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    The "Tennessee Curse"...

    This comes down to coaching;ive said it butch can recruit but come game day he just doesnt have it.i really like the guy but he is in over his head.
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    App State vs Tennessee 1st Half, The Good, The Bad & The UGLY!

    I cant believe im saying this but this reminds me of dooley era tennessee teams.the bad thing dooley never had this kind of talent.i hope the staff can make some changes that all of us know needs to be made;or we will lose.i still see tennessee winning this game 27 20.go vols go

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