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    ‘23 AL OT Stanton Ramil (Michigan St. commit)

    The game is still won up front. Our lack of talent in the trenches will hurt us sooner or later.
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    2022 Fall Practice #1

    Anyone have a link to the fall practice schedule? Google let me down.
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    Looking For A Hat

    Nope I bought the hat from the UT store when they were selling off their Adidas gear. I know it’s uncommon that’s why I’m trying to find a backup.
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    Looking For A Hat

    With over 30 days before kickoff I hope there’s still time for an off season thread. I’m looking for this hat. I love the Black lettering and how it says Tennessee Vols. Does anyone have this hat? I have a few old Tennessee hats in my closet that I never wear and would be willing to part with...
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    Phil Steele High On Tennessee..

    Sorry but it seems like Phil is high on us every year.
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    Vols should pursue against ESPN....

    I wasn't able to watch the first 5 innings was there an apology by the ESPN broadcasters?
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    Discount on Whirlpool Appliances

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    JJ is a loyal guy, but I hope he gets out of there after this year! He not making big money at all!
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    I imagine $825K in San Fran is probably closer to the buying power of $500K in East Tennessee!
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    Milton Package

    If he runs physical then yes, but hes yet to prove hes willing to do that.
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    I know this will probably get merged but please stop with the Kenny Smith hate.

    He was trying to say that after you destroy a team that doesn't match up well in the first round, the second round can be a place to stumble. Hes an NBA analyst cut him some slack.
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    *OFFICIAL* March Madness Game Discussion Thread

    Wow I'm shocked a call went against the Cats!
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    The Official #3 Tennessee vs. #14 Longwood NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 2:45 PM ET, CBS

    It’s cool that we’re playing a team with the same nickname as me!

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