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    Candace Parker shares great stories about Kobe Bryant 🙏

    Andraya Carter is a total natural and a star in the making. I go out of my way to watch the games she calls.
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    Candace Parker shares great stories about Kobe Bryant 🙏

    You're a moron if you think Lobo has no clue what she's doing, and you haven't even listened to her if you think she only talks about UConn.
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    I can most certainly assure you that you do not speak for all of Baylor Nation on this one.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    No timetable has been given for either. My impression is that Carrington is expected back sooner. Dodson is still in a boot.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    Kiana Williams played almost the entire game. Maybe you mean Dijonai Carrington or Maya Dodson? Both are out with injury.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    Why would they not be able to host a "major" team? Plenty of mid-majors, both good and not-so-good ones, host teams from power conferences. For example, East Tennessee State (not so good) hosted Tennessee.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    She's eligible for their next game vs. Cal.
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    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    The Japanese must be pissed that they got blamed for something the Germans did.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    Today they looked better, but they're still making a lot of mistakes that really good teams can take advantage of. Notre Dame isn't that team, yet. The erratic results of this season so far, if nothing else, have shown us that no one is safe or immune to off nights.
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    Former Opponent ETSU just knocked off Wake Forest

    Ha you know that Wake Forest totally sucks right? Just because they're in the ACC doesn't mean nuthin. For WBB would fit in better in the SoCon.
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    Game Thread: #17/19 LADY VOLS VS. TEXAS

    Well aren't you classy.
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    An Outsider's view of the Geno-UT feud

    Well by all means, with a title like Quinnipiac rugby coach and a twitter following of a couple thousand, who could possibly dispute her? And here's a scoop: This person is no "outsider" or "non-combatant." She's connected to the luminary of objective journalism herself, Maria Cornelius.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    Reportedly, in January.
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    If any of you would like a good laugh

    Massey is notoriously unreliable this early in the season because it uses last year's final rankings as a starting point. I'm not sure at what point that ceases to be the case, but Massey isn't even worth looking at for the first month or so.

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