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    2022 Target List

    If you get bored, position and height/weight would be interesting
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    ‘23 TN WR Adarius Redmond

    If the lad was intuitive then he’d realize O is a liar as no honest coach would make such an offer. Come and compete, best producer plays. Same at every successful program
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    '21 GA RB Cody Brown (Tennessee Commit)

    Maybe I wasn’t clear in that many folks have voiced the opinion That Banks was a good RB on Brown’s level and I predict Brown will prove to be a more effective player at the position. As for Bank’s play at LB my mind is open and I’m waiting to see how he performs if he plays significant snaps...
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    '21 GA RB Cody Brown (Tennessee Commit)

    Using Banks to support your position on Brown is weak IMHO. Banks didn’t do anything at RB to make us think he would have significantly contributed there. I think folks were fooled by his habit of getting up after being tackled and jawing with the defense. Again, JMO
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    ‘21 GA PF Jabari Smith

    More than the G league offer or the LSU strong assed offer?
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    ‘21 GA PF Jabari Smith

    Everything but close to home
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    ‘21 GA PF Jabari Smith

    “Even though our program is weak and we don’t have a successful record of developing forwards, you can come here and be close to home and still get drafted because you’re that talented “ Georgia or GA tech
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    ‘21 GA C Ryan Mutombo

    I had the impression an announcement was expected this past weekend. Any hints as to when he may choose?
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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson

    Don’t think we will be recruiting any of his O line as in every video the protection lasted about 2 seconds. He would have be a great fit behind Jones’ O lines.
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    '21 JUCO OT Jordan Moko

    Kennedy has to get on with his life at some point?
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    Team News (current roster)

    Very well spoken young man!
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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    No way Thomas could have carried a team the way Iverson did. Iverson was an athletic freak
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    VOLS position groups ranked against the rest of the SEC

    Thought it was just weed...didn’t realize he was also selling blow?
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    ‘21 GA C Ryan Mutombo

    KA looked to be a notch above RM in quickness and overall athleticism IMHO. Doesn’t mean RM won’t continue to develop and become a better player than KA, but KA is on the fringe of making it in the NBA. RM will have to become a solid draft pick to surpass KA.
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    '21 JUCO OT Jordan Moko

    Compare Smith’s tree trunk thighs / calfs vs Moko’s. Hips and downward Smith looks considerably stouter to me. JMO

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