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    Scariest Movie You’ve Seen?

    The Amityville Horror But that was when I was a kid, and didn't understand until years and years later that it was all fake.
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    Favorite Movie Quotes

    "I got the Photomat here, I got the 7-11 here...Christ, JC Penny is coming here because of ME! Ask anybody! They'll tell you!" ~ Brad Wesley, Roadhouse
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    Jethro Franklin (Missouri Defensive Line Coach) Fired

    The irresistable force versus the immovable object.
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    the lane trolling has begun.

    SIAP, but didn't see it after a search Lane Kiffin asks ESPN for Peyton, Eli Manning to broadcast Tennessee, Ole Miss football game Would be great, methinks
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    Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Chatter

    Heads up: Latest Switch system update finally adds blue tooth headphone functionality
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    Happy Friday the 13th!!

    I am HIGHLY offended by this topic
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    Steam Deck: handheld gaming PC/Switch alternative

    Steam Deck price, specs, release date, and everything we know about Valve's new handheld gaming device | PC Gamer Obviously can connect directly to your TV/monitor, and there are plans for a dock similar to the Switch's. Pricey, but this sounds very interesting. Good timing revealing...
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    RIP Director Richard Donner (Superman, Goonies)

    Aside from Donner's death (RIP; his Superman is still the best), I saw this comment as another reason "Goonies 2" will never be a movie:
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    UFO 60 minute interview

    Few answers in unclassified UFO report
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    Most surprising Vol loss

    The '90 Alabama game. Bama was pretty bad, and we were pretty loaded. After that game, no UT loss ever surprised me again.
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    Progressive woke mob at it again

    Not sure if this belongs here, but I didn't see a better place lol Oasis' Noel Gallagher Slams "Woke Snowflake" Prince Harry in Unfiltered Interview
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    UFO 60 minute interview

    UFO expert says aliens may or may not be out there but 'technological artifacts exist way beyond our comprehension'
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    Didnt realize it was 4 years ago today that Vitello was hired.

    Not entirely. He fired the tennis coach and got Woodruff. He brought the Lady Vols brand back. He wasn't totally bad, and I'd say he was at least better than Fulmer. He was good with spring sports, at least. I'd be interested to know how Wake Forest is doing since he got there, but I...
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    UFO 60 minute interview

    Looks like NASA may be taking this a little more seriously too, if they've not already NASA is launching a further investigation into UFO sightings. The agency's chief says it can't rule out the possibility that sightings are of alien origin. I lean toward agreeing with the skeptics on one...
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    UFO 60 minute interview

    No evidence mystery UFOs are alien spacecraft, report finds: NYTimes

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