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    '20 OH OL Paris Johnson Jr.

    Three Amigos? It's all coming full circle now.
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    '20 TN OL/DL Bryn Tucker

    i see. what was said?
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    '20 TN OL/DL Bryn Tucker

    who is we? sounds a lot like an internet rumor
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    Rush Propst fired

    No juicy details involving escorts? Man, what a dissappointment
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    Barnes record

    I think he's close to .500
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    Latrell Williams goes CC route

    P Dub gonna be a player in the NFL for sure
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    The Official #7 Tennessee @ Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Tough game, hope we can ride this one out. Ole Miss shooting good in 2nd half.
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    No allegations of escorts being involved? Consider me surprised...
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    Schiano should get in on that
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    Amari Rodgers working out at the UT Sports Complex

    People will get upset over literally anything.

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