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    Media is making college football unwatchable

    This feels like it can't possibly be true, but I know you wouldn't throw that out without having learned it from a reputable source. NFL games are almost always three hours long and televised college games are almost always about four hours long. Maybe the difference is whether or not the game...
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    Like him or not, Kiffin is spot on…

    All the recruits were already going to the same 5 or 6 schools anyway. This is NOT what will destroy college football. If anything, it could help get more programs in the door for recruits. Bama can't pay every 5 star 6 figures.
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    Players Sitting out Bowl game

    This. Nobody gives AF about bowl games. It's nice for the extra practices and it's a reward to the players because they get spending money and fun events centered around them. It's a glorified end of season party that ends in basically a scrimmage, and it's all made possible by corporations...
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    That ones on Hooker

    You: "Hooker is terrible! We're in trouble with him at quarterback!" Hooker's stat line: 24-37 244 1 TD 1 INT against a team that allowed more than 14 points for the first time this season tonight Now, you see how silly that sounds?
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Kentucky

    Vols 30 Cats 20 180 yards rushing
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    Why is it the basketball and baseball program way ahead of football ?

    A logical explanation is that it takes a lot more people to make football successful. Football has 30 players or so that are vital to success, then you need depth behind that. You have a ton of coaches contributing to that as well. When you play other schools that already have stability in...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    Tennessee 34 Missouri 31 Warren 46
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee Tech

    Nope, I didn't win. Lol. Crap. Good job
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee Tech

    Holy crap, did I win?? Final score 56-0 172 yards allowed
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    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    After seeing the replay, I think Banks continued to drive through the player, which makes sense. I believe that's why the Jackson flag was picked up. Idk though
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    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    I saw Rico McCoy do it and it wasn't a penalty.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee Tech

    55-0 good guys 180 yards allowed
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    Chip Kelley. I can remember….

    Preseason polls do way more harm than good. They establish a baseline out of thin air. There's a reason why the playoff committee doesn't release a poll until a body of work is established.
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    PFF highest graded running backs in week one

    Very deserved. Evans has an "it" factor, you can tell. Small is great too for what this offense wants to do. He's shifty an can make plays in open space. Our running back room is loaded. Hopefully that can take pressure off our qbs and allow them to make easy plays. Pitt will be the game...
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    The Tennessee Ballinteers

    Really. Could have used Punter, Bowden, Turner, Hopson and McRae. Is McRae really playing for a different team?

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