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    Geno: Lady Vols are 'any other school now'

    Here's the thing about that though -- I submit that Auriemma was taking a dig at Tennessee and knew exactly what he was doing when he commented. Let's take the Tennessee football team as an example. Even with their historic lack of relevance in the past 15 years, I don't think I've ever heard...
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    Geno: Lady Vols are 'any other school now'

    Every time you think you might be amendable to thinking better of Geno Auriemma, he opens his mouth and reminds you that he's the same petty, spiteful, arrogant little man you'd forgotten him to be.
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    Uros Plavsic commits to Tennessee

    Sweet. Can't coach height.
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    Lady Vols fall short of UConn at point guard

    This reminds me of something I was thinking about after Westbrook announced her decision. Plenty of reporters and columnists will want to ask her to compare her experiences at Tennessee and Connecticut. How she responds, and what she chooses to say, (and how she acts when around Tennessee) is...
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    BREAKING: Grant Williams staying in NBA Draft

    Whelp. Back to the bubble for Tennessee. Certainly hope he does well; I think if he can get the money he should take the money. On the other hand, I cannot help but wonder if we've seen the best of the Barnes era come and go with this announcement.
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    Strategies For Increasing Attendance

    Win games. Have more games scheduled a bit earlier in the day - when possible - to make attendance easier and safer. A lot of women's basketball fans are older, yeah? So make it a touch more convenient for them to come -- and bring family/kids/friends. Win games. Find ways to reduce ticket...
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    KNS article on Kellie's planned offense

    *scoffs* You don’t _plan_ offense. Silly goose.
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    Seth Davis: "[Barnes] had reached out to express his interest"

    I appreciate Coach Barnes and the work he's put in, and I don't mind the pay raise as I think Tennessee needs to afford some stability in a tumultuous time for sports, but I do feel like I'll be a little less inclined to listen anything about the community stuff or loving Tennessee or the state...
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    Tennessee Basketball Press Conference

    As someone who has lived in California for a decade, I can attest to this. California will welcome anyone -- and shake every last penny out of their pockets before sending them on their way. Especially San Francisco, where they'll give you twice as much to work there but then shake you twice...
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    Barnes said he would be at UCLA if buyout was paid

    Just a good reminder that this is a business. All the rah-rah and pomp and salesmanship aside, it's just a business. The color shirt they wear, the team they represent, it's only a job. Yes they can say they love a town, and they can say they love a community, but at the end of the day, they...
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    troubling issue in the Pac-12.

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    tamika catchings...could it be?

    This is either a tweet about the coaching change or a tweet about some sort of upcoming program she's either part of, or wanting to show support for, right? It has "EducationMatters" and "ChangingLIves" as hashtags. I honestly don't see how people can read so much into these things.
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    Instragram Clip of the LVs first practice under KJH

    Heh. Lotta head coaches posting on this message board, seems like. :)
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    Westbrook Gone

    I mean, for better or for worse ... *gesture* ... they're not wrong.
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    Kellie Harper officially announced as Lady Vols BB Coach...

    Good, that's their job. This is a premiere program (granted, on a skid) in the sport. Walk the walk, in every way.

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