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    2023 Target List

    Stojakovic OV Is there a date? Kids films look good this summer at the Pangos camp
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    "Real Concerns on Defense Remain" (Report After Spring)

    Excited about the new DBs Turrentine and Walker help on Backend. LB still a problem for sure
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    Transfer Portal Numbers

    Arkansas State 🤯
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    2023 Target List

    23 &24 Target
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    I remember Tyreke Key lighting up middle TN. Kid always had an amazing stroke!
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    Tennessee Pro Day thread

    I wonder how Payton tested ... Think he'll make some practice squad
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    Schwartz Becomes Head Coach at ECU

    Gonna be some serious competition when CRB retires... All the assistants having some success. Lanier already in the dance English and Oliver will be fine in couple years and Schwartz will have ECU in the dance Soon too.. Give me Barnes 3 more years let the young guns come in
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    State Of TN misses

    I love CJH. I love the direction. Just wanting to know if its possible for us to get top in state talent., Not that its an end all be all to "win in state" I just know it was dreams for us as kids... Today its AL or UGA... I know its about Fit and other things but how does the Pride come back...
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    State Of TN misses

    Logue and Teague would have been impact for us... I love the guys that want to be here, but Logue would start on every school in SEC aside from UGA and Bama. Teague would start in SEC aside from 2 schools. Maybe LSU would be a close 3rd. IDk how much ball u actually played but the could and...
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    State Of TN misses

    😒😒 That's what a forum is for? To make petitions to fire coaches and Beat dead horses? Jeez where else do we communicate with Vol faithful. And no I'm not downing any coaching staff... We just have to too many TN kids not dawning the orange.
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    State Of TN misses

    Does it Anger anyone as much as me seeing kids from TN go off on the big stages? Adonai Mitchell, Zion Logue, Woody, Master T. And others to come..... Just kids we've missed playing at top Schools with Significant roles 🤬 we just have to capture more than 1 out of 10 players in our home state...
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    2023 Target List

    Just curious are we in any of the Midstate 22 for Spring? Eli Rice - Beech or Jarred Hall - Lebanon?? Both teams are on a tear, but Eli can flat out score at 6'8
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    2023 Target List

    Hall from good ole Lebanon HS!! Alma Mater!! Kid can play! Long Wing prospect!
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    The Official #18 Tennessee vs. USC Upstate Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network+

    His Numbers are crazy inflated! Avg like 4 pts against top 100 teams 🤦🏿

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