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    2023 Target List

    Kid can flat out ball. Lebanon got a couple kids with D1 offer.
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    Is that Aaron Beasley next to Bailey???

    Beasley will be back on the team....He deserves redemption... You guys that are mad are still probably mad at Vick too .. Roethlisberger is probably a God to y'all too 🤡
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    Blue Bloods?

    Villanova!!! YEAR AFTER YEAR.. Better conference they'd be mentioned with Blue Blood at least on par with AZ Michigan Syracuse
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    '21 JUCO CB Roterius Torrence (Auburn commit)

    Good Solid Press Cover 2 Corner. Hopefully his instincts and technique continue to grow. I trust Willie .
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    Let's Do This

    JJJ Is going to have a monster offseason. Hes the straw that will stir the drink for this team.
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    Tennessee hires Rod Clark

    My mom went to APSU in 75... She got stories for day of the Great Fly Williams lol He was literally first street ball legend I knew of... Long Before the And1 Street Ball series started. Best to come out of APSU change my mind
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    Kennedy Chandler is some kind of player

    Dude the truth!! Will be better than this year's 1 and done. Leader and winner written all over him!! Took 6'9 to the rim "You can't guard me, You can't f***** hold me" Ultimate Alpha Excited to see the championship today
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    The Spring Roster is Upon us

    I think CJH Inherited the better roster. Pruitt didnt know how to use the talent, but Dooley didnt recruit an entire lineman in a cycle sheesh. Butchs Last year was all misses. So definitely CJH inherited best roster
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    The Spring Roster is Upon us Any surprises for you all as to who is still here, gone, or back for the Covid year?
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    BTO’s Texas A&M Postgame Report

    ORN should get more minutes imo he has been productive or am I missing something? Hes got great length and Rebounding has been better. Maybe let him play through some Defensive mistakes
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    Vols vs Colorado game highlights

    Any chance you will put a replay on YouTube??:
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    Tennessee Practice #2

    weird question but how is there like 3-#4 3-#8.. I can see us doing with walk-ons but scholarship players?
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    '22 TN WR Taylor Groves (Ole Miss commit)

    Kid is Legit saw an update hes just outside of TOP 250... Do you think we push for him? Reminds me of Justin Hunter Long, Athletic....
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    '21 AL WR Roc Taylor (Memphis signee)

    Dude is Legit. Hopefully we hold on to him

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