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    '21 TN TE Hudson Wolfe

    Though I agree with you fully, losing this kid or Jake Briningstool. I would rather have Jordan Dingle instead from Bowling Green, KY. He's a TN Kid that moved to BG.
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    Tennessee in state high school recruits attending elsewhere.

    For UT to become an Elite program again you have to be able to get the top Kids in your state. I don't care what no one has to say about that. Just imagine what our team would have looked like with likes of Tee Higgins, Jacoby Stevens, Chad Mays and Jacob Phillips just to name a few.
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    '21 TN ATH Javin Burke

    He's a future WR.. If you guys are available this Sunday come out to NPA for the Dream Team 7on7 tryouts. All the Top athletes are supposed to attend from East, West and Middle TN including this kid. It starts at 1 pm at Father Ryan High School.
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    '20 TN RB Jabari Small (UT SIGNEE)

    Though I personally think the In-State talent is down this year. I personally love seeing all these In-State Kids commit to us. It's going to pay off big in 2021 that instate class is going to be just good as in 2017.
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    '21 TN CB Kyndrich Breedlove

    I can't wait to see this kid and Pearl play against Alcoa tomorrow. I watched him play against Cane Ridge and Hillsboro play better on offense than defense. He reminds me of our current recruit Calloway 2020. He's not very big around 5'10 160.
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    '20 GA ATH Jimmy Calloway (UT SIGNEE)

    Not sure if Gibbs plays on the offensive side of the ball.
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    '20 GA ATH Jimmy Calloway (UT SIGNEE)

    Johnson will start at Slot next year.
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    '21 TN WR Adonai Mitchell

    Yeah Walker is a technician. He has a great release and route running is some of the best I've seen by a kid his age.
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    '21 TN WR Adonai Mitchell

    He's a low 4.4 guy. I saw this with my own eyes, this is with a bad stance and take off.
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    '20 TN DE/LB Tyler Baron (UT SIGNEE)

    I strongly disagree! If we can not get the kids in our backyard why would the out of state want to come here? It's starts with locking down your state first and then branch out!
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    '21 TN OLB Junior Colson

    My feeling is that he's wont end up at UT. He's not a TN kid (wasn't born and raised here) and told me that he is really looking forward to the UGA and Ala offer after he camped there this summer and coming away empty-handed.
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    '20 TN OL Chris Morris (Texas A&M commit)

    Yeah, Morris doesn't listen to no one but his mentor that runs P.U.R.E.
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    '20 TN ATH Reggie Grimes (Oklahoma commit)

    I know this kid well, great person. I have watched him play football and basketball since he was a youth. He's never been very aggressive, something is missing I can't explain it. Not unless we teach him how to catch. He has terrible hands.
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    '22 TN WR Isaiah Horton

    Kid a great player will room to improve. But what out for another 2022 wr from Pearl Cohn Bryon Brown, the kid is unbelievable pure speed with good size to be a soph.
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    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine

    I'll have to agree with you!! He and Lawrence both are playing safety, he looks to be the better football player of the two games I watched this year.

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