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    '21 TN CB Kyndrich Breedlove

    Yeah I hear ya! But at Cornerback most time the are in some form of man coverage. I want my best athlete for for that. I think Turrentine will be perfect at the star position with some weight gain. Personally I’ll be rooting for him no matter where he goes because he a good kid and from TN.
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    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine (OSU commit)

    I really wish this kid well but this not a huge lose to me.
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    '21 TN CB Kyndrich Breedlove

    Talking about his recent UT visit
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    '21 TN DL Javon Nelson

    Needs to improve to be a SEC player IMO. He’s part OTA which is a solid organization who have some good D-Lineman come through the last couple years.
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    '21 TN OL William Griffin

    Very sad if true!! I’m not apart of NPA staff in no way but know several players and parents who rave about the development of players that attend NPA. I often go to practices just to watch the in state kids compete. I wonder why I never saw him at a practice when I often see a revolving door of...
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    '21 TN CB Adrian Huey

    Tennessee Football Recruiting: Biggest Needs for the 2021 Class I was told Pruitt and company was high on Huey. Sick talent!
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    247 update down on state of TN in 2021

    We will have about 10-12 4star players before the football season starts. Camp season is just around the corner.
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    '21 TN WR Walker Merrill

    Possession Receiver/ Wes Walker type ;)
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    '20 TN RB Antonio Malone (PWO)

    This kid went to Cane Ridge High until his senior year and did not touch the field. I'm glad to see him get his chance!
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    '22 TN ATH Mikeece Jones

    Yes he is.
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    '21 TN OL Eli Sutton

    Sorry, but I wasn't impressed.
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    '20 TN ATH Reggie Grimes (Oklahoma commit)

    Hey, I have been very critical of this kid's play. But yesterday he manhandle ever OL that stepped in front of him. I see improvement!!
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    '21 TN OLB Junior Colson

    Kids and MAN!! He could star at several Power 5 programs today. Great size and moves like a DB.
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    '21 TN TE Hudson Wolfe

    This guy surprised me yesterday he uses his size very well. Lumbers when running but yet affective in getting open or finding the open zone.
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    '21 TN CB Kyndrich Breedlove

    It had to be an off day yesterday. Didn't really compete often in 1 on 1s got beat when he did. But a very good player.

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