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    2021 National Coach of the Year Honors for Coach Vitello

    Should have been Manieri because he’s classy and is retiring. -ESPN
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    What are we ranked?

    This same publication had the UF gators ranked #1 in their preseason poll, and they had the Vols ranked #35. What a turn of events...
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    Peerless Price or Marcus Nash ?

    Peerless. He had a habit of making huge plays in big games. He also had a nice combo tomahawk/throat slash after the FSU game.
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    The Official #2 Tennessee vs Liberty NCAA Regional Game Thread Saturday 6PM EST

    South Alabama hangs on to edge the gators 19-1.😄
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    We play Liberty, Idiot.
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    Carl Pickens or Willie Gault?

    Pickens by a mile. Gault dropped passes at UT. Speed is a huge asset, but was the only thing special about Gault as WR. Pickens had excellent size, hands, and speed, and high jumped something like 7 ft. He snagged a ball over the middle, on the dirt infield at Anaheim against Colorado that I...
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    The Official Tennessee vs Alabama SEC Tourney Game Thread 11AM EST

    Bout time SEC Office in B’ham declares an Earthquake Warning in Hoover, and makes us start over with the Gumps tomorrow at 0-0.
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    Can you fog a mirror? Will you get your hands on some balls at CB for us? Good! Sign here!
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    Billy Ratliff Auction

    I’d like the ball he took from Clint Stoerner.
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    Greatest Duo Ever

    Grambling: Charlie Joiner/Willie Brown/Buck Buchanan🏈 Willis Reed🏀
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    Greatest Duo Ever

    UT: Kevin Nash 🏀 Paul Bain 🏈
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    When Brandon Kennedy transferred UT ...

    Saban hid behind a pre existing SEC rule that required a player to sit out a season if he transferred intra conference. He basically provided zero help to Kennedy to transfer/play immediately, although Kennedy already graduated from that diploma mill in Tuscaloosa in less than 3 years, and...
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    TN Football players Transfer out List

    A couple of other depth guys who entered portal at or near the end of last season: Jordan Allen TE to Weber State Savion Williams DL to Florida A&M Best wishes, Guys.
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    The making of Cornbread.....

    Agreed. And Pruitt impressed Phil with the list of Assistant coaches that Pruitt said he could bring to Knoxville. Phil thought Pruitt could be Phil 2.0, twenty-five years later. A Coordinator hired as Head Coach, bringing good Assistants. He thought Pruitt would recruit well. These two guys...

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