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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    You never know 100% since we're talking NCAA compliance and enforcement. But, I don't think we'll face real trouble. Maybe a secondary violation that occurs every year. We should have been smart enough to recheck the data base to see where the dude had actually signed (assuming Auburn timely...
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    Candy Caption this ...

    "I wonder if I can sub the lady to my right into the game. She can shoot it better than these hacks on the floor playing for me."
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Too bad Trey, Wanya, Cade and the Boys don’t get a shot at this uh, kid, between the lines this Fall. Guess I’ll hold the 2018 win at the Barn a little dearer now.
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    I'm still confused. Not unusual for me. Do schools where a recruit DIDN'T sign have visibility to that recruit signing and sending his LOI to another school when he submits the LOI? In other words, should a school know when a guy they're recruiting is officially off the market. If so, the bigger...
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    Like a Virgin?
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    '20 MS OT Dylan Spencer

    I was responding to the polar comment that you either have top ten recruiting classes or you're not elite. No mention of "Team Talent Composite" or "BCR" in the comment that drew my response. But, your comment kinda leads to another area. Recruiting rankings are based on arbitrary math...
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    '20 MS OT Dylan Spencer

    Yeah, was Clemson elite 3 years ago when they beat Bama to win the NC? If so, how were they elite when their players signed in recruiting classes that were ranked #14 on average. Their Juniors and Seniors on that team all signed in a recruiting class ranked 15th or lower.
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    JG 2020

    I appreciate JG's toughness and perseverance. He has a strong arm, spins a good ball. He worked to learn the offense, and his pre snap looked pretty solid. He seems to be a good teammate. However, he is frequently late on throws, his accuracy is average for an SEC QB, and he is bad at moving...
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    Vols report 7 minor violation

    Oh Nos, we held a paintball game in the wrong place!! Bowl ban forthcoming?!? SMH.
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    Isn’t it amazing that

    I suspect the NCAA penalized USC WORSE because Mike Garrett hired Kiffin than if Garrett would have hired a more respected coach to replace Pete Carroll. Remember the AA penalized USC extremely harsh after Kiffin was hired. I realize the Kiffin hire shouldn't have influenced the severity of the...
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    Return of the TVA

    Snap and Clear! Resiliency!
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    I saw Gray and Chandler sprinting 400 meters on Tom Black Track, trying to get in condition to gallop up and down the field next Fall.
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    Favorite defensive series of all time??

    Another fun filled time was 2014 at South Cackalacky in OT. Following a great comeback by Dobbs and Co in regulation, we were held to a FG on our OT possession. It didn't look great for the Vols at 45-42 and the Cocks had their OT possession. But, Barnett and Maggit took turns sacking the QB...
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    Favorite defensive series of all time??

    Honorable mention: 1998 goal line stand at Auburn with John Ward saying "No! No! No! No!" after 4 plays were stuffed. Beat the hell out of "What a turn of events."

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