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    Vol's latest basketball practice - get your blood pumping

    I thought I would correct your statement. I hate saying it, but it is the truth.
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    Post Your Voter Fraud Evidence Here

    Just like his presidency.
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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    I don’t get why they made the change. We had no issues from the punter in the Bears game.
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    Yale Transfer Forward...

    I wonder if the NCAA would allow players to transfer from the Ivy League at the end of this semester and have immediate eligibility in another conference.
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    Team News (current roster)

    Everything Jaden Springer said on Thursday
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Bro, the republicans are pushing anti-intellectualism because they won’t get elected without people being ignorant.
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Democrats might not be inept, but how are Republicans going to be better?
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    Fulkerson vs Alexander....

    This is a bad comparison, Fulk and Kyle were placed in different situations. Kyle always had others out there with him and we never needed him to step up and provide more offensively. If Kyle would have been placed in the situation that John was placed in last year, I believe he would have had a...
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    Election Question

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    2020 Schedule Udates.

    Tennessee basketball releases 2020-21 schedule
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    2020 Presidential Race

    Yeah, but the inroads he made weren’t through intellect. Trump preyed on fears and ignorance. His actions didn’t improve our country he made it worse. We now have droves of people who are delusional and irrational. The democrats and republicans are going to have to come together to try to pull...
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    2020 Presidential Race

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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    I think I might drop this gift off at the Titans Facility for Jonathan Joseph.

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